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2021-01-20 07:02:34

LF: Mukombero. Offering Clean Conjoined Lethal or Other Items Hello! I am desperately Hoping to trade my fully customized Lethal for a Mukombero.

This is the lethal in question [Clickable!!]:

Her appearance info:

I also have a One Of A Kind Snowflake Lioness with ESR that I could offer (not combined with the lethal; One or the other.) Her Image is Clickable, and she is Semi-Frozen on the same account as the lethal. She is the ONLY Lioness in game that is a snowflake and has ESR in Slot 8, with Arid Eyes. Her Value is placed at roughly 170-200GB.

I also have a bunch of lions here on this account that can be offered or combined, Just click here! Only ones I am not willing to part with are the Gons

I do have *Some* Applicators that I can offer, but they are inaccessible to me to post since the account is frozen, I'm not quite sure what I have.

Thanks so much for looking!!

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