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The February event launches on February 1st at 00:00am LDT, and will end on February 28th at 11:59pm LDT. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until next year.

February Event - Aphrodisia


For this event, you can visit a special area (which is also linked under the EVENT tab once the event is open) in order to FLIRT with lionesses owned by other online players! If she's smitten with you, she will give you a Heart Shell! You can flirt once every 15 minutes.

You will have 15 minutes to win that flirt, if you're lucky. The king of that lioness's pride, though - the other player - can SLAP you before the timer ends, causing you to fail the flirt! They may also win Heart Shells for this. How humiliating! Thank goodness not every slap is as bad. You can slap some nasty admirers that are flirting with your lionesses on the same page.

The community has two bars to unlock this month: Flirts and Slaps!
Flirting with lionesses and not being smacked results in +1 Flirt Point and +1 Heart Shell. Keep your shells tight, as unlocking both bars will release some awesome things on the site!
If another male tries to slap you, but you're just too charming, you will earn +1 Flirt Point and a chance to get between +1 to 3 Heart Shells.
Slapping lions that make advances on your ladies will not always land with a fierce force, but if it does, you will earn +1 Slap Point and a chance to get between +1 to 3 Heart Shells for yourself!

Each tier of every area will unlock something awesome; not only things that you can buy with Heart Shells, but things that affect gameplay as well, such as boosts to PVP rewards and unlocking NCLs with event-exclusive markings!

Black line separator.

New Content in 2021!

A "Lucky Dip" button will appear automatically in Tier 3 of both shops! This button will allow you to pay 15 HS in exchange for a random background or decor from that specific shop. You might end up with a duplicate or cheap item... but, there's also a chance for a more expensive decor, which you may have refrained from buying because you were saving for applicators or breeding items. We hope this is pretty balanced! :D
A new event NCL marking shape for Tier 3: Nuzzle!
Per suggestion, the "Abusive" title has been removed from the Slap Shop. Due to title currency changes in the event shops, we are not able to track and refund anyone who had purchased this title. For those of you that have bought it, you're welcome to keep it - it just cannot be purchased any longer.
New titles in both shops! The Flirt Shop has received "Heartbreaker", "Stunning", and "UwU". The Slap Shop has received "Heartless" and "Cold-Blooded".
No new encounters this time. We focused on a ton of new markings instead!




Gem Crafting
Remember that the recipes for February's gem crafting will unlock in the Monkey Business's Crafting area, and recipes will become usable once Tier 3 of both shops unlock!

Can You Feel The Love
40x Rainbow Stones
15x Gem: Hematite
Jewelry: Dioptase Earrings
15x Gem: Dioptase
Jewelry: Dioptase Skirt
15x Gem: Dioptase
Jewelry: Kunzite Skirt
15x Gem: Kunzite
Jewelry: Tanzanite Skirt
15x Gem: Tanzanite
Dust: Kunzite
50x Gem: Kunzite
Dust: Tanzanite
50x Gem: Tanzanite

Wow, what's that base?! We were very inspired by this suggestion from Cyanide 🌻 {G1 Bast} (#27473)!
Kunzite is a Black Light Countershaded Special base that pairs with Dusky skin.

Tanzanite eyes will be craftable as well!
Tanzanite's passes are: 35% Tanzanite, 25% Blue, 20% Black, 10% Sapphire, 5% Denim.

A new Slap Shop marking set: Thrashed! "Thrashed Back", "Thrashed Chest", and "Thrashed Face" are the new markings of choice that come in Auburn, Ebony, Noctis, and Prune. You can choose the slot, opacity, and colour!
A new base and mane colour for the Flirt Shop: Peach! Thank you, 🌾 honey | g1 fringe (#32043), for your suggestion! The genetics for Peach are Golden Light Countershaded Special, and it pairs with Yellow skin.
A new Flirt Shop marking set: Merlot! Merlot comes in the Feline, Flux, Margay, and Mist shapes.
New backgrounds and decors! We really like adding extra event content during mid-month development updates, so expect some more shop content on February 12th.

New Event NCL Markings for 2021!
Blue Ridge
Noctis Cozy
Quartz Venter
Steele Reverse Vitiligo Mash
Steele Upendezi
Merlot Nuzzle
Cherry Nuzzle
Noctis Nuzzle
White Nuzzle
Red Nuzzle
Blue Nuzzle

Additionally, a second February exclusive event NCL eye colour will appear with them: Rose! We hope you enjoy hunting for Maroon and Rose-eyed NCLs!
Rose's passes are: 45% Rose, 25% Pink, 10% Crimson, 10% Tyrian, 8% Red, 2% Maroon.

The markings are available within the Lion Wardrobe right away! We're working on finishing the mutation versions of the rest of the base, eye, and mane colour files. We need a few more days to upload them all at once! :D

Crafting Reminder: While exploring, you may find Speckled Pigeons. When Tier 3 unlocks the crafting recipes, you will be able to turn your pigeons into Dove Feast, an item that will increase your king's Impression by +20% per item used!

We strongly believe that players will name their lionesses to something funny or kinky. Remember to keep your chosen names within our Terms of Service! We love innuendos and silly jokes, but anything vulgar, offensive, obscene, or pornographic will be edited, and the owners of the lions will be contacted.



Be sure to utilise our official Wiki to the fullest during this month!

Exploring and Thoughts
Some explore encounters will give you "thoughts" that appear in red text on your den page. Thoughts are... something special. It's up to you on how you wish to interpret the encounters and thoughts - we used terms that are vague enough to allow anyone to roleplay as they please!

You can express your lion's individuality by taking choices while exploring. Counters on your den page will show other players if you get Happy Thoughts, Frivolous Thoughts, or Awkward Thoughts! If you tend to shy away from all the Aphrodisia excitement, Awkward Thoughts are the best for you! If you enjoy your male lion to be flirty with other males, Frivolous Thoughts are up your alley. Of course, Happy Thoughts occur when you score with those ovaries, bruh! It's up to you how to interpret certain interactions. We like to give players freedom here! These are just interactions, and do not in any way suggest the sexuality of your king.

Thoughts will remain on your den page until the very end of the February event. They do nothing in the game other than let players be individuals, and enjoy the flirty season more! :D

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