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Soren (#95177)

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Posted on
2021-02-05 20:46:05

Soren's CSS Commissions.×


Hi, I'm Soren! I will be doing CSS commissions here. Each CSS order may take a couple of hours depending on how busy I may be. If I'm not on Lioden and you’d like a CSS from me, dm me on my discord. Libi ʚɞ#0999 . Or, I may be on my side account testing out CSS. So you can dm me on there so I can check the thread for your form. My side is Abraxas#97322.
I also make free CSS located here!


You do not need to send payment before I start. But you must send your payment in order to receive your code. Before I send your code I will send you a preview of it so you can see what it looks like and suggest any changes. I try to take my time to make sure everything looks perfect for everyone. If you don't like something in your css, please let me know and I'll try to fix it for you! I am willing to do minor changes once you have the css equipped. Any large ones will cost 1. Please don't remove the credit. Deleting credit will have your CSS deleted. Do not resell either, please. Thank you! These will be done in order. But, if a person is stopping up the line I will start on the next one. Slots are unlimited but I do have the right to close for a bit. If I do close, you can still send in requests and I’ll get to them after I take my break. Also, please don't dm me any commissions on LD. Sometimes I use LD on my phone and very long messages break my browser. If you want to dm me the form, use my discord instead.

Form & Other things.×

Price ×

Each CSS is either 6 or 6,300 If you’d like to pay in items, DM me and we can work something out. I also accept split payments and event currency.

Form ×

Queue ×

All clear.

Finished CSS ×
Imgur collection!
You may also view my den for another example of my work!

html layout by honey (#32043). do not remove credit.
crow pixels by I-crows-I on deviantart.

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Alliumboo :] (#216172)

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Posted on
2021-02-05 21:03:36
could I message you on discord or pm you on here about something? ^^

Abraxas (#97322)

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Posted on
2021-02-05 21:03:55
Sure thing! My discord is Empi <3#1312

Alliumboo :] (#216172)

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Posted on
2021-02-05 21:08:12
sent ^^

Soren (#95177)

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Posted on
2021-02-05 21:08:44
Okay! I accepted your friend request ^^

Alliumboo :] (#216172)

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Posted on
2021-02-05 23:18:24
Lioden ID: #216172
Background: Up to you!
Panel colors: depends on background
Fonts: Satisfy or Cinzel
Cursor: Coca-Cola can (or Monster energy if they have it. I can't tell cause the website is a bit glitchy)
Logo Replacement or Recolor: monster energy zero ultra (pixelated if you can find one)
Cave BGs?: Up to you!
Unsorted / nesting BGs?: up to you!
Payment: SB
Other?: Thanks so much for doing this <3

Soren (#95177)

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Posted on
2021-02-05 23:20:41
Thank you <3. I'll get to your order tomorrow since it's late! Expect it either tomorrow or Sunday because someone also dmed me on discord for a commission ^^

n|Ice] (#227570)

Good Natured
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Posted on
2021-02-05 23:50:05
Lioden ID:#227570
Background: toxic green and black I want a more 2000's Myspace vibe
Panel colors: Up to you
Cursor: Green Mutation
Fonts: Orbitron
logo replacement: green and black
Cave Bg's: Up to you

Soren (#95177)

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Posted on
2021-02-06 00:44:06
Ok! I got you down. Thank you :D

Roadkill (#188992)

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Posted on
2021-02-06 17:21:49
Your CSS is very good!! :D

Lioden ID: #188992
Panel colors: Whatever you think will look best!!
Fonts: Baloo 2
Logo Replacement or Recolor:

Cave BGs?: Cave called Heretic Pride:
Cave called Ghosting:
Cave called new cave:

Unsorted / nesting BGs?: Grayscale photo of a creepy forest or some trees :D
Solid or transparent icons?: I apologize but I don’t know what that means
Payment: GB
Other?: Let me know if you can’t get the images for the cave BGs transparent and we’ll figure something out. The unsorted, nesting, pride overview don't need to be transparent

Soren (#95177)

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Posted on
2021-02-06 17:26:42
Thank you! I will get to your commission as soon as I can :D. And by solid or transparent, do you want your lion and avatar icons faded out or opaque? If you look at the CSS I had on my side you'll know what I mean

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A Penguin Quail (#197286)

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Posted on
2021-02-06 18:57:07
I'm not sure how to send image links, but I can send them in discord if that's fine with you.

my discord is モ♥ナ#6785

Lioden ID: #197286
Background: Image will be sent through discord.
Panel colors: black, grey, & white
Fonts: Blackletter 686
Cursor: Black rose (here's the link just in case: )
Logo Replacement or Recolor: maybe a white or black rose if it isn't any trouble.
Cave BGs?: Images will be sent through discord.
Unsorted / nesting BGs?: something dark grey and black, you can choose whatever images just those colors, please.
Payment: Gb

Soren (#95177)

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Posted on
2021-02-06 19:00:59
Alright! I sent you a friend request on discord :)

Rosette Hibi] (#227805)

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Posted on
2021-02-09 14:51:55
LIoden ID:227805
Background: ( or if you find anything better)
Panel: Any color you think works
Fonts: Pangolin
Cursor: Diagonal select-hello kitty 2/My melody crying (Cursors 4 u)
Logo replacement: Bratz Logo
Cave img: Nesting:
Pride overview:
Solid Icon!

Two boxes:Up to you!

Other: If anything doesn't look cohesive you are more than welcome to change it!

ηιgнт (#209876)

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Posted on
2021-02-09 15:11:17
Lioden ID: #209876
Panel colors: ur choice
<link href="
Cursor: default
Logo Replacement or Recolor: white
Cave img?: same as unsorted/nesting img
Pride Overview img?: same as background?
Unsorted / nesting img?: ur choice, just something that matches background
Solid or transparent icons?: solid
Boxes?: 2 boxes side by side
Payment: Sb
Other?: thank you!

Soren (#95177)

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Posted on
2021-02-09 21:14:06
Thank you two :). Added you guys to the list!