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{G2|Ice|Dense|7BO} (#175926)

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2021-02-22 07:26:32
Selling these two ladies I had born today. If there's not an offer I like for either, I'll just keep them. I can take full or mixed payment in the form of GB, SB, Heart Shells, buffies, y barks, and/or lion balls. I will accept some other items like crunchies, ochre gnawrocks, GMO cows and potentially higher value apps but that's of lower interest to me. Please no junk offers and serious inquiries only. I will haggle within reason.

Clean Temporal|NHR|Galaxy|Pariah|Ebony|Female 180-200 GB or 1,800-2,000 HS (purchased her mom for 180 GB during Temporal season)

Clean Temporal|Incubus|Ebony Okapi|Cherry Undershine|Female 120 GB or 1,200 HS

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