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Kou (Frostbitten G2
felis) (#973)

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2021-02-27 07:57:29
Oh my doge.
So I joined in 2012 and I probably haven't played after 2015, I'm not sure anymore. I remember when the first mutations came, after that no idea.
I'm trying to get back but it feels like a huge challenge because I feel like I would have to read so much. I already accidentally changed my King's name xD
If it's possible, could someone help me out by PM preferably?
I'm mostly trying to find out what to do with my lions and whether they are considered "good" anymore or not. If you help me and I decide to sell my lions for example, I'll give you the first pick. If there's some kind of guide for returning players other than the tutorial, that would help too.

You'll also get my infinite gratitude and possibly a friend, who knows :D!

πŸ¦‹ Paipa [G2
Orchid] (#73075)

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Posted on
2021-02-27 11:35:04
Hello! I checked your profile and see you are also Finnish. I may be of help then, cause speaking in PM in Finnish would be so much easier. Could you send me message at #98498 ? This mailbox of my main account is 99% full, my side's not :)

🍁 Paipa [G2
Cherry B] (#98498)

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Posted on
2021-02-27 11:35:49
Never mind, sending message ^^