-LOCKED - March Development Update #30!
Posted on 2021-03-12 23:35:49

Crossroads Interface Update

After a long wait, the Crossroads Search page has been updated to match the Trading Center in both visuals and functionality. You will have many more robust options to filter from when searching for kings you'd like to stud to, lionesses that are up for reverse breeding, etc.



Notable Changes
* Member search and king search have been separated. You can now search directly for lions only, and member search has been moved to its own tab.
* You have the option to filter your searches: "Main Male", "Exclude Frozen", "Exclude Dead", "For Trade", "For Stud", "Available Slots Only", "For Reverse Breeding"
* Search sections are collapsible for ease of convenience.
* You can search for kings with markings in slots 11-20.
* You can search for kings without markings in certain slots.
* You can search for kings and pride members based on total markings, including hidden markings.
* You can use "Any Piebald" and "Any Primal" filters when searching for kings.
* You can type @player [keyword] in the "Name" field to search for kings and pride members based on their owners' names

Note: We are working on adding sorting options in as well, and those should appear over the weekend.

Trading Center Interface Update

The Trading Center - Lions section has been streamlined as well.


Notable Changes
* You have the option to filter searches to exclude frozen/immortal lions. Keep in mind that when searching trades, it will show you any trades that do contain non-frozen lions. If they happen to contain a frozen lion as well, those trades will still show up! However, trades that only contain frozen lions will not show if you check to "Exclude Frozen".
* You can now search trades by total amount of lions within these trades ("At Least", "No More Than", "Exactly").
* You can now search based on a fertility range, rather than an exact fertility level.

As always, if there are any issues that crop up, please be sure to post them on the Bug Board! The coders will get these issues taken care of.

Black line separator.

New Combo Bases!

Two new combo bases have been added today. They can be bred year-round and are not restricted by season or time of day.


They all rely on breeding together bases from the Factor 1 group with bases from the Factor 2 group.

Celsian is a Black Light Solid Special base tied to Blue skin.
Factor 1: Celsian, Hematite, Moonstone, Opal
Factor 2: Celsian, Glass

Mudstone is a Golden Dark Solid Special base tied to Black skin.
Factor 1: Mudstone, Asali, Maziwa, Mobola
Factor 2: Mudstone, Flint, Slate

Black line separator.

Tiny Event Shop Update!

An extra item has been added to the Black Market in Tier 3.

Faux Leatherwear [Black]

Black line separator.

New Achievements!

Many of you may have noticed achievements acting a little strange earlier today. Our coders were in the process of implementing dozens of new achievements for everyone to earn! In all, 54 new achievements were added today throughout various categories! We hope you all have tons of fun discovering and earning them. :D

Remember that achievements are not retroactive. We cannot account for lions you may have bred in the past. If you have already completed a new achievement's criteria before 11am Lioden time today, you will have to re-complete it in order to earn the achievement for it.

New Trivia Questions!

Eight new Trivia questions have been added to the Medium and Difficult difficulties.

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Art Bug Fixes

* Blue Nuzzle, Noctis Nuzzle, and Red Nuzzle were missing on Adult Female Evil and Good poses
* Noctis Okapi, Scoria Okapi, and Rhino Okapi were not properly uploaded for Cub Primal, Primal (Felis), Primal (Ferus), and Primal (Smilus) stage
* Cinnabar Smudge had an incorrect file uploaded for Cub Newborn Tailless stage

Dropbox CSS Issues

We wanted to let you all know that we are aware of the ongoing issues with CSS that is hosted on Dropbox not displaying properly when viewed in Safari or on iPhones. Unfortunately this issue is completely outside of our control. That being said, we have been in direct contact with Dropbox in an attempt to get the problem fixed. They believe Apple may have issued an update recently which resulted in this change, and so they are reportedly trying to reach out to Apple for a fix. The Advanced Support Specialist we have been in contact with has stated that, while they have their engineers looking into it, this may be outside the intended use of Dropbox as it is not designed to host static assets.

At this time, it may be best to search for alternative hosts for your CSS files in order for them to display properly everywhere. Even if Dropbox and/or Apple fix the current issue, there is no telling if something like this may happen again in the future.

We hope this helps explain what's going on for those of you who have been experiencing this issue!

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Raffle Lioness

Congrats Mushroom|Clean|Uneven| (#54187)! You have won last week's Maziwa lady, woo!
A new Soul lady with Feline 7 Noctis, Leg Banding Lilac, Tail Banding Lilac, and the ninth Lake Tanganyika background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here!

3030.png 3028.png 3035.png

Shad has added 12 new tags this month in the Appreciation, Breeding, Doodles, March, Miscellaneous ➜ Lions, and Miscellaneous ➜ NPCs categories!

Poll Results - Wow, look at those results! It looks like a majority of you guys want the next craftable April base to be inspired by the water hyacinth. We're excited to see this come to fruition!

NEW POLL - Dorsal Line is a very old raffle-exclusive marking that only comes in one colour: Black. There have been a few suggestions over the years to recolour it. What do you think? Should we add in new Dorsal Line variants in typical raffle colours, or leave it as it has been for years? Are you indifferent to a potential change? Let us know!

Black line separator.

Next Update: Community Update - March 19th!
Next Development Update: April 9th!!

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Swinub πŸͺ²πŸ€Ž (G1
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Posted on
2021-03-12 23:36:02
News time swag !
Celsian being glass combo so epic!! Been waiting for a glass combo for forever!! 😭

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Ivy (#206534)

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Posted on
2021-03-12 23:36:11
Yay, news! I like the new bases, especially Celsian!

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zacharie! [G2 Ferus
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Posted on
2021-03-12 23:36:12
Neat stuff!!!!

RIOT (#124772)

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2021-03-12 23:36:23
nice!!! <33

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2021-03-12 23:36:27

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2021-03-12 23:36:32
Newwwws B)

Wolvesofthenight (#101070)

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Posted on
2021-03-12 23:36:32
Oh thank God! I've been wanting this to happen for so long?!

wjeera (#49293)

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2021-03-12 23:36:33
Yay! Cool things!

Ashy πŸ‘ (#56446)

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Posted on
2021-03-12 23:36:43
Hey you guys are awesome for all the effort even in these super hard times. Stay strong, keep up the great work. We love you.

couchbo0yz (#221172)

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Posted on
2021-03-12 23:36:44

Poppieluv <33 (#218913)

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2021-03-12 23:36:58
yayy news! :DD

Harrowing (#1 Ult
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2021-03-12 23:37:01
Very cool! the bases look awesome!

🌌 QueenPiper
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2021-03-12 23:38:24
yay so cool new bases

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2021-03-12 23:38:34
Woah celestian- wish i didnt king my heir now :/

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2021-03-12 23:38:52

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