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2021-03-16 10:31:02

Dual Domain Clan Thread
Hi there, this is the official clan thread for Dual Domain clan!



Here is some information about the clan:

How was the name Dual Domain coined?
Dual Domain was named in relation to Double Uterus lionesses. Dual for two (uterus) and Domain for home!

Who are we?
We are a group of friends who enjoy breeding Double Uterus lionesses (Referred to as DU)! To find more information about DUs, please jump to the second post.

Who is this clan for?
DU enthusiasts and/or DU breeders! It is not a requirement for you to have a DU to join. However, having a DU would also bring perks!

Our goal!
We hope to spread the love for DUs as well as be a welcoming and supportive space for people to gather and make friends! As the clan grows, we eventually hope to raffle off DU heats and/or a DU for our members!

What we can offer:
Discounted studdings from certain kings, attractive raffle prizes (Breeding Items, Apps etc) More TBA!

If we reach our member goal, we will be raffling off a DU with mottled rosette!

What we ask for:
1. Activity!
We understand that due to personal reasons, players might go on hiatus for a period of time. While there might be allowance depending on reason/player, after a certain time frame, the player would be removed from the clan. (They are of course allowed to rejoin after they start playing again.)

2. Knowledge
Even if you are a newbie and/or less established player, you are welcome if you are able to support your own pride without any help. While we do welcome any and all types of players, we do not want any players that require any hand-holding to play the game.

3. Respect
Even if you do not see eye to eye, remember that first and foremost, everyone is human and deserves to be treated with respect.


How do I join?

Fill out the application form below and DM me the answers!


Our Admins:
Zeiirle [Clean Ice Pie] (#13254)
Katerade [x5 Rosette Elysian]
Hireath 4x rosette 1G Orchid (#179216)


Credit goes to Zeiirle (#13254) for the html!

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Tisha (#161397)

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2021-03-16 10:31:13
Reserved (DU Info)

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Tisha (#161397)

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2021-03-16 10:31:21

Clan Application Form:

(Please DM Tisha #161397 with answers to the following questions if interested)

Q1. Why did you apply to join the clan?

Q2. How would you breed a DU? (Item use, stud, etc)

Q3. How would you like the clan to help with your goals?

Q4. What would you contribute to the clan?

Q5. What are some of your goals in Lioden (Projects etc)

Q6. Would you be willing to join the clan's discord server?

Credit goes to Zeiirle [Clean Ice Pie] (#13254) for the html!

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2021-04-06 05:28:04

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