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2021-03-23 18:30:19
Hey guys, I'm just going to be rambling for a bit here. Looking at outer space things distracts me from everything so much. If you're feeling down, I 100% recommend looking out at the night sky, watching space videos on youtube, looking at pictures, or doing whatever. Just go look at the stars, go look at all of them and just wonder for a minute. Wonder about the universe, what's going on up there, if there is other life out there- what they're doing at this very moment. What other people here on earth are doing in this moment. Just let yourself be washed in sonder, even just for a minute.

Some people are scared by how vast the universe is, and that's okay, be scared. Be human. Feel that emotion. Let yourself wonder about the mysteries that there may never be answers to. Let yourself stare up at the stars, get lost in them, fall into a different world for a bit.

According to the University of Calgary, across the universe, 4800 stars are born per second!
Thousands of rogue planets will form for every star born.
It's been estimated that in there are about 1,000 supernova explosions across the entire universe every second. In our Milky Way galaxy, it is said that we have a supernova every 50 years.

Stare up into the void and think about all of the stars that are being born in this very moment, some might be right before our eyes that we unfortunately can't see from down here. Thousands of rogue planets forming alongside every star that is thrown out there, maybe some might be in habitable conditions for other life. There might be other life forming out there in a far distant galaxy right as I write this.

The universe is still young, and we are nowhere near the end of time. Eventually, the universe will have expanded so far that the stars will fade from the night sky, and there will be nothing but darkness there. Millions of years from now, future life will probably look up and wonder what it was like. We are so lucky to be living in this era of our universe, where we can just look up and see the stars there! Isn't it wonderful?

Now, doesn't that make you feel small? That's not to say it's a bad thing necessarily. There are billions and billions of miles of the universe, perhaps things out there that are way beyond anything our human minds can even begin to process. Let yourself feel small for a second, it's a good type of small. We take everything so seriously, we get so caught up in our human lives and the stress and emotions that comes with a human experience that we forget the stars are up there burning for us. Theres an entire vast sea out there that we've just barely scratched the surface of. The universe requires no audience.

Stare out into the void. Talk to the moon and the stars, they will never judge you. I guarantee somebody else is doing the exact same thing at that moment. Appreciate the beauty there.

How can our problems be so major then?

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