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The April event launches on April 1st at 00:00am LDT, and will end on April 30th at 11:59pm LDT. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until next year.

April Event


It's April, and the rabbits and hares are breeding like crazy! It looks like we have a fluffy plague on our paws, and we've heard that these fluffballs like to carve weird things into Ostrich Eggs with their ever-growing teeth. With this April event, you mighty lions need to catch as many fluffballs as possible, and collect those carved Easter Eggs! There are two areas to unlock: one calls for your bunny catching skills, and the other for your dedication to exploring.

All eggs that you collect will be useful to purchase fancy things for yourself, but, as of 2019, every egg you collect counts towards a new collection event bar that replaces the personal donation bar. The bar will take into account all collected Easter Eggs globally from all players.

The Bunny Shop opens when the Fluffballs Caught bar reaches 100%!

What is April About?
* Collect carved Easter Eggs for currency!
* Work together to unlock special areas where you can spend your currency or enjoy event-exclusive features!
* Explore to experience the fluffball encounters!
* Find Lucky Feet to win battles against NPCs immediately!
* The bars unlock tiers in the Bunny Shop, as well as three different features in the Egg Den!
* Bunny Tunnels should only allow females to play, as males have their EXP reset when they become king.
* Fuchsia Flowers you find in explore can be crafted into markings and bases!

Bar 1 - Fluffballs Caught
* Tier 1 unlocks items to purchase.
* Tier 2 unlocks more items to purchase.
* Tier 3 unlocks even more items to purchase, as well as the Bunny Tunnels!

Bar 2 - Easter Eggs Collected
* Tier 1 unlocks ostrich chicks to play with!
* Tier 2 unlocks April NCL-exclusive markings!
* Tier 3 unlocks the Primordial Spring, where you can de-age or age up your main male by 2 years once per lifetime!

Special Reptile Roundup level Reminder
We want to remind everyone that the Flowering Fields level and Egg Eater skin are both unlocked by fully completing Wenet's storyline!

New In 2021
* Per your poll votes, for the next few years we'll be basing April event NCL markings on rabbit breeds. This year, we've chosen English Spots!


They will appear in the Lion Wardrobe in a few days. There will be a few nice recolours!
* A new eye colour will also be available in the same event NCL pool: Hyacinth!


* Per your poll votes as well, a Water Hyacinth base will appear this month! It will be added to the game and will become craftable on the development update day, April 9th. More info will be disclosed then!


Tons of new decors have been added in the Bunny Shop!
African Crocus
Tier 1
Tenore Autumn Crocus Crown
Tier 1
Damascus Buck
Tier 1
Damascus Kid
Tier 1
Sheep Pastures
Tier 1
Dohne Merino Lamb
Tier 2
Dohne Merino Sheep
Tier 2
Kalahari Red Goat
Tier 2
Tier 2
Somali Goat Doe
Tier 2
Butterfly Face Paint
Tier 2
Easter Fields
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 3
Tier 3

Several new decors have been added to Wenet's Shop!
Tasty Chicken
Lamb Eyes
Baladi Rabbit
Fluffy Chick Earrings
Event beetle: Sparmannia flava

New April Event NCL Markings!!
In addition to the English Spots markings, we've also recoloured several older April NCL markings!

Blue Freckles 1, 2, 3
Cream Freckles 1, 2, 3
Noctis Freckles 1, 2, 3
White Freckles 1, 2, 3
Noctis Inverted Brindle
Noctis Limb Patch
Noctis Patch
Noctis Siamese
Steele Bottom
Steele Marble
Steele Trim
Steele Siamese

New Event Beetle Token!
A new special beetle species is available in Wenet's Shop: Woolly Chafer! With a name like that, we just HAD to add it. The in-game name is Sparmannia flava, and the colours are based on rabbit breeds!


Watch out, as we might add more event-related content on April 9th!

Be sure to utilise the official Lioden Wiki to the fullest! Here is a link to the April event page: https://www.lioden.wiki/april


April Storyline
In April 2017, we decided to shed some light on where the carved Easter Eggs came from, what the fluffball's agenda is, and to give a story behind the Primordial Spring. The story will be repeated again this year, but each year we try to add something new to collect!


Mysterious Wenet has a banner that appears in the EVENT area. She will invite you to take part in a journey that lets you wear a special mask. Wearing it has pros and cons: while wearing it, you won't be able to chase bunnies anymore, and you may miss out on the special, extremely rare, hidden result of chasing fluffballs!


* Questing is entirely optional. This is something that we've added on top of April's usual event content, but it does bring you amazing things, including Easter Eggs and Egg Yolks!
* You can take a quest only once a day, but you can finish that quest any day.
* Wenet's quests are named, unique, and will log in your User Log so that you're aware of exactly where you're at in the storyline. They're also very roleplay-esque!
* Wenet will tell you what to do, and will wait for you until you're done with the quest.
* As you give Wenet things, you may notice she likes to look pretty for you as the storyline progresses!
* Wearing the mask Wenet gives you is optional, and can be turned on and off on Wenet's page. It only affects event-related encounters in explore, by enabling certain encounters and disabling others.
* Rewards that Wenet gives you includes, among other things, Hare Points. You can spend them in her shop, located on her page!
* Once you complete the storyline, you can go back every day until the end of the April event and complete some of the previous quests again, in order to get more Hare Points; other rewards are turned off. These quests are randomised and will change every rollover. You cannot abandon a quest.
* The estimated maximum Hare Point count for doing every quest each day of April is 85, including the special quest payout!
* Once the Primordial Spring unlocks, Wenet will have an extra special quest for you that you can take, no matter if you've finished the storyline or not!

Spoiler alert! If you'd like to know in advance what's in store for April's storyline, check out the Mysterious Wenet Wiki page: https://www.lioden.wiki/mysterious-wenet. All of Wenet's quests are separated by day and linked there!

The April event starts on April 1st at 00:00am LDT! The March event ends on March 31st, today, at 11:59pm LDT! All currency is locked on your account and stored until next year!

Wenet Claiming
On the last day of April, Wenet felt enough of a connection to the player that she offered a claiming game, giving a chance to win her over. Eventually, we decided to mix it up a little and added a Wenet cousin option, for the sake of variety. They were randomised and had a pool of pre-set markings that were hand-picked to resemble Wenet's markings.


March Charity Donation

Every year at the end of March, we donate a portion of our proceeds on behalf of our community to a chosen charity that is relevant to March's poaching awareness event.


Thank you, everyone, for purchasing GB and supporting Lioden, so we can share the love and support tusk.org!

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