Posted by CLEAN Young ivory Tigon! *AUCTION ENDS TODAY*
Frosty (#229018)

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Posted on
2021-04-08 05:03:01

View tigon here

I have this tigon that I am selling! This auction will end TODAY!!!

Starting bid (SB) :

190 GB (or 7 buffies and 50 GB)

Bid increase :

10 GB

Current bid :

Mukombero (#166601)

Auto-buy :

300 (can go to 270 !)

I WILL take mixed offers! Must have atleast 30 or 100 GB pure! (depends on what your offer's value is !)

Breeding items I will accept are:

(these are based off cheapest branch price)

Black stallion (4 GB)
GoP (grain of paradise) (8 GB)
Yohimbe bark (14 GB)
Buffy (20 GB)
Crunchy Worm (39GB)
GMO Cow (60 GB)

DM if you have other items such as applicators! (Will not take feast of saint patrick, hyena blots apps, lycaon marking apss or any oasis apps!)

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Frosty (#229018)

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Posted on
2021-04-12 14:47:17
Current offers:

Mukombero (240 GB value) by Trigger (#166601)

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