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2021-04-10 14:17:11
This first takes place in a realm called “Daemos” the realm is surrounded by lots and lots of them, but one day something happened.. there was a magic crisis happening back on Daemos and prince Asch was sent to earth along with his knights. there they meet a girl named Ava and their journey begins from there. What would happen?, Will they find what they need?, will they fall for her?, Will Daemos still be in danger? find out during the Roleplay ;).


-1: Fill out character sheet for either cannon or oc
-2: No op(over powered)Daemos or human character
-3: Keep ooc talk to a minimum
-4: Be nice to one another
-5. When wanting to be with someone’s character pm that owner
-6. Swearing is allowed but NO NSFW this rp is pg13 only!
-7: have fun
-8: you may start role playing after you fill in the sheet
-9: invite other aphmau lovers

Human Cannon Characters:

1. Ava: Desert (host)
2. Jake:
3. Kristen:
4. Lorelai:
5. Mrs. Oates:
6. Orin:
8. Andrew:
9. Devon:
10. Mr. Green:
11. Mr. Dracula:
12. Marlene:

Daemos Cannon Characters

1. Prince Asch:
2. Rhys:
3. Leif:
4. Noi:
5. Pierce:
6. Lady Bish:
7. Lady Grandma:
8. Rhai:
9. Zex:

Human Ocs:

Daemos Ocs:

Character Sheets

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MidKnight (#222934)

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Posted on
2021-04-11 11:49:07
This is going to be fun. I love the Aphmau's roleplays.

Artemis (#230829)

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Posted on
2021-04-20 15:59:46
I hope I can join.

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Posted on
2021-04-21 09:44:55
Ava was in her apartment sleeping like usual, today was a different day than she’s normally used to, it was her job interview today!. The female was still asleep soundlessly. Her alarm blared, she ignored the alarm with a groan, it was to early to deal with this. After a few more minutes it blared again but this time her cat Johnny woke up and went over to her and kinda slightly paw at her face, she felt the little paw and opens her eyes looking at her cat “not today.. I don’t wanna get up” she said sleepily but then the female looked at her phone “!!!” She got up and fell to the ground. Her cat mowed, Ava rushes up in a hurry and gets dressed in her purple and black outfit. After that she looked at the time “alright Johnny I gotta go, and I’m sorry we are out of yum yums.. and I’m out of munchies crunchies” She said in a pout.