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Hellian (#216049)

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2021-04-17 22:29:59
Hi! I'm still really new on this site so I'm still trying to figure things out, which is why I'm here. Could anyone give me any pointers for selling lions? Are there any fodder prices? What kind of lions can sell for more money? What kind of lions can you sell for GB?

I'm from Flight Rising, so I'm wondering if things are much different from there, but I'd like to figure things out.

Thanks so much in advanced!!!

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☾ Melania ☽
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Posted on
2021-04-18 00:59:38
Potatoes: These sell as fodder - for karma or just to be chased sometimes. Other people may just keep them, if they like them. Usually one sells for 10 to 20-ish SB and a bundle of 5 75-100-ish sb - if selling these, don't sell them for GB.

Clean over Dirty: Most people prefer clean lions and these will sell for more SB/GB than dirty lions. However, it has no in-game affect.

Mutations: Mutated lions sell for more SB but some mutations are better than others; e.g pons/gons go for like 200-300GB if they aren't frozen.

Need any more help, PM me :)

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Aislyn (#224216)

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Posted on
2021-04-18 01:45:19
The prices of lions are one of the aspects of Lioden that is constantly changing. It changes due to what the majority of players feels is attractive. For example there might be a new base that is released that people will value over other bases simply because it's new and once it's been out for a while, the value will decrease as it becomes more common to see it. This might also apply to markings and eye colors. This is constantly changing and becomes impossible to set standard prices in place.

I find that it is more helpful to search the trade center for the qualities that my cubs have to see what other cubs with their qualities are selling for and setting my prices to reflect that. Let's say that I have a cub I want to sell that has a Cameo base and 3 markings. I look to see what other cubs are being sold for that have Cameo bases and 3 markings. I also look a the heritage of the cubs. It seems like clean cubs with a short heritage are selling for more than those with inbreeding or longer heritages. A second generation cub will often sell for more than a seventh generation cub. I look at things like that when deciding what price to sell my cubs for.

I hope this helped some :)