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2021-04-19 21:17:48

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Long ago, the local strays used to fear being caught by the Dog Catcher. They typically disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. Eventually the city grew, and the Dog Catcher had trouble catching the dogs that made the city their home. It became a game to them to tease and run from the Dog Catcher, which eventually turned into an all out game with Hunters to make the game more interesting. Since then, the city of Vicdale has become the grounds of the game Elude, with participants from all over the country coming to prove their wit. The rules of Elude are simple, avoid the Dog Catcher and Hunters for one month and win a collar with tags that would keep you from getting picked up and obvious bragging rights. The city is your playing field, with few rules.
-- Short Application
-- Small but active group!
-- 200 word minimum (With leniency for posts a little under)
-- In RP Challenges
-- Modern City Based
-- Active and friendly mods

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