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This was Lamont's favorite spot. Sat in the old smooth branches of an oak tree. Not far into the forest, but far enough that he couldn't hear the early morning roar of cars. It was too early for kids to be at the park, but occasionally he could hear the university kids as they cut through the park on their way to campus.

The sun was just peering through the blossoming branches, casting long rays of sunlight, illuminating the greenery. A warm ray landing across Lamont's chest, helping to banish the early morning spring chill from his bones. He took a deep breath in, inhaling the morning air with eyes shut and head tipped back to rest against the cool bark. The boy was dressed simply, a long sleeved grey shirt with frayed sleeves, dirtied with the forest and stuck with thickers. His jeans were a little worse off with holes in the knees and drying mud 3 inches up from his bare feet.

By all accountability, he looked homeless. Or maybe feral. A smile pulled across his lips as he listened to the song of a red-winged blackbird in a neighboring tree. Calling for his loved one, awakening the forest with his voice.

The sound of a twig snapping is what drew his attention out of his daydream, eyes opened and head rolled to the side to look down at the deer path beneath him. It was another path that a few university students took to class… including himself. But people typically only took it during the middle of the day. There was tale of a beast in these woods, after all…

A black beast, said to emerge from the shadow and claim unsuspecting travelers as it's meal. A vicious cat. Everyone who died in this forest, the suspect was always the mythical cat that no one had any proof actually existed… There was no evidence. Bodies reported were simply swept under the rug as an unfortunate accident, victims of their own stupidity traveling the beasts domain at night.

But, there was a person there. A boy, a university student? Staring up at him. And Lamont just stared back.


This will be a roleplay over DISCORD only.

I am over 18 and require my roleplay partner also be over 18.

I roleplay 3rd person, paragraph form. My post length is typically a paragraph+ which ranges depending on the scene and characters involved. I am looking for someone who can match that or better and help encourage me to write more like I used to be able to do. I do NOT want someone who struggles to write a paragraph.

While this will be my main character, I will also be playing others! Including Lamont's father, brother, and friend(s). Plus I'm an OC-aholic and I have a million of them to use. I encourage you to play multiple, too!

Lamont is a Versatile Switch, and does best with another Versatile Switch. His preference in a romantic partner would be a kind of himbo-ish man who cares a lot about people and animals. A genuine good boy. Imagine a golden retriever as a human and that is his ideal man.

Things I'm okay with: Romance, Gore, Slice of Life, Thriller, Humor, Adventure, 18+ scenes

Things I will not do: Medieval, Apocalypse, Sci-fi, High Fantasy, Demons, Angels, Unreal hybrids (ie. Dog+Cat).

For the starter above the setting is this:
Shape-shifters walk among humans, hiding themselves for fear of being hunted down. Shape-shifters are able to take on the form of 1 animal, which can be an existing beast or something of legend (ie Dragons, or Gryphons, ect.)

There are no vampires, demons, angels, or things of that sort. Only creatures that can change between a specific beast, and human. I highly prefer you play a human so that they can be introduced into this new world of fantasy.

The small town of Wood Pine in Washington State is being haunted by a beast in the woods that is growing ever more deadly by the day. Locals are upset that law enforcement isn't doing anything about it. There's growing talk of taking it upon themselves to flush the beast out. As it stands there are 6 beast-related deaths in the 12 months. All have been university students.

Lamont's Bio
Lamont's Abilities
Short Story

Lamont attends the nearby university, but typically has afternoon classes. He hasn't selected a major and is just doing general studies. He is a pretty soft spoken man and doesn't really pop up on anyone's radar in the university.

Thank you for reading!

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I forgot to mention I am 18+ And require my partner also be over 18. Thank you!