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2021-04-30 16:51:27
Kingdoms of Glaenen

We are a free flowing, medieval fantasy, Discord based roleplay.

With four different kingdoms and many different ranks to choose from, we are sure you will find something that will help you spark your interest and creativity!
✎ We are an age 15+ server due to some mature themes that might come out of the roleplay and were hoping for older ocs!
✎ We will be a active server with staff always willing to chat and help everyone with character help or just to talk if needed!
✎ We are an intermediate experience roleplay server! We can help if you're new to discord so don't let that frighten you!
✎ Semi-lit and full-lit roleplay!
✎ Always open to suggestions and ways to make the server better! This is going to be a pretty big world building with a chance of it being a long term roleplay!
✎ You have a chance to bring in old ocs that the world can be molded around or fresh new ocs that are cautious of the world around them!

✐ The kingdoms are based around matriarchy! (QUEENS are in charge!!!!)
✐ There are no supernatural outside of witches, warlocks, and healers at the moment!
✐ Please refrain from joining and not chatting or joining us in roleplay!
✐ Many high ranks are open, and more may be added as we grow!

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