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The May event launches on May 1st at 00:00am LDT, and will end on May 31st at 11:59pm LDT. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until next year.

May Event - Challenges


It's May, and the annual Championship event is starting! It calls for all lions from surrounding lands to come and participate! A Battle Arena was organised in a giant dried gorge for all lions to enter and compete in hourly matches in order to win Manticora Beetles and other fabulous prizes!


Earning Arena Tokens
Arena Tokens are needed to enter the Arena and win prizes.
- To earn one, you must go to the Event page. Here, you can press a button, and the script will pick someone that is online. The player receives a notification and will have 15 minutes to defend; then, the fight will happen, and an Arena Token will be granted to the winner.
- If the challenge expires before the player defends, the attacker has a small chance of winning an Arena Token by way of a surprise attack!
- Anyone online within the past 15 minutes can be challenged, even if they're in their kitchen getting a snack.
- If you post in the chat room but are not actively browsing the game, you're still considered to be online.
- You can challenge one player every 15 minutes.
- One player can be challenged by multiple people at once!
- Stats do not matter during challenges, only for the Arena.
- No one loses any Arena Tokens during challenges - the Arena Tokens are generated for winners by the game.
- There's an extra chance to get an Arena Token from a Tier 1 explore encounter!

The Tournaments
As of 2019, we've introduced Championship 2.0!

You will participate in Elimination Tournaments that hold a total of 8 participants, meaning that everyone who enters will fight a chosen opponent. You're able to check out this opponent! The winners will progress to the semi-finals, then onto the finals.
The challenges and stat-based tiers for your group are still the same as in previous years.


As you can see, the winner can get Manticora Beetle payouts multiple times, up to a total of 15 Manticora Beetles!

The payout for any win is 4 to 5 Manticora Beetles. The initial stage losers will receive a consolation prize. The winners who progress to the semi-finals and end up losing do not get consolation prizes, as they previously won Manticora Beetles.

- It will cost you 3 Arena Tokens to participate.
- The semi-finals and final winners will receive item prizes! There's even a rare chance to win an Egg Yolk!

List of Potential Prizes
Winner Trophies
- Cheetah Skull (craftable, toy)
- Crocodile Eggs (food)
- Egg Yolk (food)
- Kudu Horn (craftable, toy)
- Lion Skull (craftable, toy)
- Porcupine Quills (craftable)
- Small Tortoise (food)

Loser Trophies
- Crocodile Scale (craftable)
- Juicy Lizard (food)
- Lion's Claw (craftable)
- Lion's Tooth (craftable)
- Malachite Sunbird Feathers (craftable, toy)
- Scimitarbill Feathers (craftable, toy)
- Shiny Stones (craftable)
- Tail Tuft Hair (craftable)
- Tree Agama (food)

The Tournament results are available on the Championship page, and are ordered by ID. You will also be PMed with a Game Notification about available results! They will also be listed in your user log. The results will expire after a week.

Arena Timers
There are no timers! Once a tournament fills up with players, it will run and give you results immediately. You are still on an hour cooldown, so that you can take a rest and prepare for the next battle!

Raising Bars
It takes 8 participants per tournament, so the bar will raise by 8 points every time a tournament runs!

You can also meet Championship participants and fans in Explore! Fun! They may give you Manticora Beetles if you win a battle with them. If you claim a lioness fan, she might give you some, too!

Go forth, brave warriors, challenge each other, and participate in the Arenas!

Be sure to utilise the official Lioden Wiki to the fullest! Here is a link to the May event page: https://www.lioden.wiki/may

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What's New in 2021?

Champion Shop Content
New backgrounds and decors will be available in all three tiers of the Champion Shop!

War Paint: Marked
Tier 1
War Paint: Bloodshed
Tier 1
Training Dummy
Tier 1
Impressed Adoree [Ducat]
Tier 1
Impressed Adoree [Dark]
Tier 1
Impressed Adoree [Hibiscus]
Tier 1
Throne of Champions
Tier 2
Lion Skull Pillar
Tier 2
Disgruntled Opponent [Fiery]
Tier 2
Disgruntled Opponent [Golden]
Tier 2
Disgruntled Opponent [Umber]
Tier 2
Bored Brute [Grey]
Tier 2
Bored Brute [Golden]
Tier 2
Unbeaten Matriarch [Grey]
Tier 2
Unbeaten Matriarch [Bast]
Tier 2
Unbeaten Matriarch [Rosette]
Tier 2
Unbeaten Matriarch [Arabica]
Tier 2
Arena Corridors
Tier 2
Event Beetle: Delta dimidiatipenne
Tier 3
Tier 3
War Leg Guards [Wildebeest]
Tier 3
Ornate Battle Mask
Tier 3
Cowardly Loser [Black]
Tier 3
Cowardly Loser [Grey]
Tier 3
Cowardly Loser [Brown]
Tier 3
Rocky Pit
Tier 3

New Bases, Eyes, and Markings
A new Champion Shop base is being released this year: Triumph! This is the last base from the poll we made a few years ago regarding May bases. Next year, the next May applicator base will be craftable - we plan to make it a tradition to swap their source annually with the shop. For now, let's look at Triumph!


Triumph is a Golden Light Countershaded Special base tied to Tawny skin.

There is also a new base and two new eye colours this year that are exclusive to groupies!


Damu is a Golden Dark Solid Special base tied to Dark skin - suggestion by Natanocte (#61)!
Hetero Cucumber & Saffron and Hetero Saffron & Cucumber eyes are new as well. The genetics are:
Hetero Cucumber & Saffron: 50% Hetero Cucumber & Saffron, 25% Cucumber, 25% Saffron
Hetero Saffron & Cucumber: 50% Hetero Saffron & Cucumber, 25% Cucumber, 25% Saffron

You cannot breed Hetero Cucumber & Saffron (or vice versa) eyes from breeding Cucumber x Saffron. It can only be passed down from a parent with these Hetero eyes.

As with prior years, your NPC of choice in the storyline has a Reputation Shop, which sells items! In 2021, we're introducing two new marking applicators: Squabble and Inverted Squabble. Vashkartzen's Reputation Shop sells Squabble, while V'Kai's sells Inverted Squabble.


Note: Some of the mutation files for the new bases and markings are still being adapted and uploaded. We hope to finish by Sunday!

During the tournaments, you can earn trophies by winning (or losing). We try to give them more and more purpose, by introducing new crafting recipes!

Here are the recipes!
Lion Claw & Fang Tuft Leg Guards
10x Lion's Claw, 10x Lion's Tooth, 10x Tail Tuft Hair
Lion Claw & Fang Tuft Crown
10x Lion's Claw, 10x Lion's Tooth, 10x Tail Tuft Hair
Iridescent Feather Tail Wrap [Green]
10x Malachite Sunbird Feathers, 10x Nut Grass
Iridescent Feather Tail Wrap [Purple]
10x Scimitarbill Feathers, 10x Nut Grass
Crocodile Ornaments
15x Crocodile Scale, 5x Snake Skin - Dark
Small Croc Ornaments [Head]
5x Crocodile Scale, 5x Snake Skin - Dark
Small Croc Ornaments [Legs]
5x Crocodile Scale, 5x Snake Skin - Dark
Small Croc Ornaments [Tail]
5x Crocodile Scale, 5x Snake Skin - Dark

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May Storyline - Brotherhood of Zeal

The May storyline is different from how April worked. We'll give you all a summary!
Every new tier (including Tier 0, before the bar is unlocked), a new chapter of a visual novel will be accessible in a new area of the Event page: Brotherhood of Zeal. The novel will place you within a roleplaying story with small, branching choices.

Do you remember it working differently before? Due to server issues in 2017, the novels were tied to specific unlock dates instead.

Tier 0 - Chapter 1
Tier 1 - Chapter 2
Tier 2 - Chapter 3
Tier 3 - Chapter 4
Chapter 5, unlocks on May 25th after Chapter 4 is completed!

Take note that if you start this later in the month, you will experience chapters one after the other, all in a row.

How Do Chapters Work?
You will be presented with a visual novel that has choices. As you click through buttons, you will progress within the story, and your choices that are marked with asterisks (*) will either have a special outcome, or affect your daily quests! (Do not worry, the button will for sure tell you what the outcome is!) Some multiple answers do not have asterisks - they're just for your personal roleplaying character preferences. The outcome will be the same.


This is the only time we've introduced asterisks! In 2017, you guys got to get used to how things worked for our first-ever branching storyline, so we've decided to keep it that way.

Chapter 1 will introduce you to your first optional choice that affects your daily rewards. It will affect the groupies you can claim as part of your rewards.

In case you'd like to change your mind, the Champion Shop's tier 1 will contain a cheap item, Mummified Heart, that will let you change the choice you made in Chapter 1.

Now, Chapters 2, 3, and 4 will give you some choices as well. If you regret your choice in Chapter 2, the next two chapters will let you change your mind two more times as you progress in the novel.

The new Chapter 5 will not give you a choice to switch your NPC. Instead, it will provide you with some closure to the story. You guys asked for it! We designed the initial story with an open, unsure ending, thinking you guys would roleplay or imagine what played out afterwards. We heard you wanted more, so hopefully this short, extra ending will make everyone happy!
Additionally, the ending will let you choose a small set of rewards based upon your preferences. Let us warn you that you may want to keep your impression bar percentage (IMP %) low before progressing into the last chapter!

Daily Quests
There are four Daily Quests that you can do for your chosen Brotherhood bro. They can be taken daily, but they will reset upon rollover, regardless of whether you've finished them or not.
They reward you with special reputation and Arena Tokens.


What is Reputation For? Special Rewards, Of Course!
Reputation is another "currency" that you gather by doing daily quests for your NPC. Your reputation is separate for each NPC that you side with: the reputation you gain with V'Kai does not carry over to Vashkartzen, and vice versa.
You spend the reputation points on Special Rewards each NPC offers.
- The quests and rewards are adjusted to the new tournament system and have been slightly tweaked.

Since Chapter 1 exclusively introduces V'Kai, you can spend your reputation only on his reward. It has a 6 hour cooldown, and costs 8 reputation to activate each time.

V'Kai's Special Reward
By spending 8 reputation, you click on a button that auto-claims a lion for you. You need territory space, as your claimed lion will go directly to your den. There is no "claiming mini-game", like in explore.
Newly Claimed Groupies have a similar generating script to NCLs, however:
- Unique groupies have a tiny chance of having a rare base (Kimanjano and Mandarin are excluded)
- Unique groupies can have any eye colour and personality
- Unique groupies have a small chance of coming with a pose equipped
- Unique groupies have a very rare chance of being mutated (all Lethals, Blind, Dorsal Fur, Dwarfism, Eyeless, Leopon, Mane Imperial, Noble and Succubus, all Patches, all Piebalds, DU, Primal (Felis), Primal (Ferus), Primal (Smilus) and Tigon are excluded)
- Unique groupies have a small chance of being a teen male (if you choose the chapter boost, the chance will be bigger!)
- Unique groupies will have two markings randomly chosen by the script, including rare markings, albeit... rarely! (Mottled Rosette and Mottled Stripes are excluded)
- NEW IN 2021 - Unique groupies can come with a new set of exclusive bases and eye colours!

Spoiler alert! If you'd like to know in advance what's in store for May's storyline, check out the Brotherhood of Zeal Wiki page: https://www.lioden.wiki/brotherhood-of-zeal. All of the chapters are separated and linked there!

What are those earthquakes?!
Perhaps you'll find out in June!

Black line separator.

Punk Breeding Challenge?

The Punk Breeding Challenge will repeat this month! For more information, check out the news about it from 2020, or read up on the Punk Breeding Challenge wiki page!

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