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2021-05-04 09:25:14
There are entirely too many notifications in this event!

Every time you get a challenge: notification.
Every time you challenge someone and they respond: notification.
Every time you participate in a tournament: notification.

It's just so excessive, and as someone who hates all the notifications the site gives you anyway, I hope something can be done so we can hide them? Remove them? I check the event page regularly, and there's always a number next to "Messages" at the top of the site, so I don't get the need for those annoying notifications that show up across the page.

Just a way to toggle them on/off (preferably for the entire site) would be ideal.

This suggestion has 10 supports and 2 NO supports.

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Posted on
2021-05-04 12:21:21
already a popular suggestion here

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2021-05-07 10:02:58
Hi there!

This has already been suggested on this topic.  You're welcome to pledge your support there, or post any feedback or suggestions you may have!

As this is a duplicate topic, it will be locked.

We kindly request that you utilize the "Search Boards" feature to see if a suggestion you have in mind may already have been posted by another player in the past, to avoid cluttering the Game Development forums with duplicate suggestions.

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