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2021-05-04 12:44:39
Hey there! I have quite a few items I'm not sure how to price. I can put what I'm selling below, as well as if I'm selling them in packs or not! I appreciate any help given <3


226 Stat Cub

Gender: Male
Base: Chartreux (rare)
Mane Type: Razor
Mane Colour: Glacial

Squeaky Clean

Slot 1: Vitiligo 2 (51%)
Slot 3: Arctic Rogue (29%)
Slot 6: White Crackle (32%)
Slot 8: Hyena Stripes Heavy Onyx (61%)
Slot 9: Vitiligo 3 (32%)
Slot 10: White Soft Unders (19%)

This lion has 1 marking hidden on the following slot:


April Event Decor PACK

Easter Palm x1
Violet Garland x1
Fairy Iris x1
Screaming Rabbit Relic x1
Rabbit Bone Braces x1
Rabbit Bone Chest Wrap x1
Lucky Rabbit Foot Necklace x2
Loving Wenet x1


Stones & Gems PACK

Carnelian x1
Hematite x1
Kunzite x1
Labradorite x1
Meteorite x1
Moonstone x1
Rhodonite x1
Rough Opal x1
Sparkling Opal x1
Shiny Red Rock x2
Rainbow Stones x4
Shiny Green Rock x4
Shiny Teal Rock x6
Shiny Black Rock x7
Shiny White Rock x7
Shiny Orange Rock x8

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