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2021-06-10 21:47:18
Here is where all my hoard stuff will be up for sale, sometimes I'll also have event items for sale as well.

GB=1100 for me.
I'm open to offer and trades as well.
Always looking for Oct decor.


Mane Changer
Mane Color Changer
Random Marking App


Blue Diadem Caterpillers-6
Blue Skimmer- 17
Carpenter Bee-9
Coffee Locust-22
Giant Stick Insect-25
Large Leaves-50
Stage Beetle-33
White lion belt-30


Barotse Flood plains-6 uses
Clean Lake-3 uses
Niger River-10 Uses
Roots of the Warriors-9 Uses
Okavango Swamp-8 Uses
Rain Shelter-10 Uses


Adoring Lioness-8 Uses
Albino Gazelle-8 uses
Darwin's Bark Spider-3 stacked
Dead Lioness-5 uses
Eager Cub-Brown, White, Golden and Onyx-5 Uses each
Easter Palm-5 Uses
Four-toed Hedge Hog-3 uses
Greater Kudu Calf-5 Uses
Groupie Vitiligo-5 Uses
Injured Kudu Foal-4 Uses
Itchy Aardwolf Cub-4 uses
Orphaned Baby Rhino-4 Uses
Orphaned Cheetah Cub-3 Uses
Orphaned Serval Kitten-8 Uses
Rescued Baby Lowland Gorilla-10 Uses
Running Lechwe-5 Uses

Event Items

None at them moment.

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