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๐Ÿงก l e o n (#208511)

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Posted on
2021-06-10 22:08:38
Title says most of it hahah.

I'm very unfortunately bored of my side queen, and after losing heart very quickly during an RMA project, I'm just here back to buying r.i.p.

Looking for:
+ high breed-only marks
+ breed-only eyes
+ none to very few app marks
+ plenty of marks, preferably 7 and up
+ not golden or yellow or anything. concord is already my gold boy, and he's not going anywhere for awhile

Particularly interested in:
+ combo / raffle base with rosette(s) ... especially rare rosettes, like ginger soft, inverted rosettes, and just normal ones especially noctis rosette.
+ Rarer near raffle clones

These aren't necessarily requirements, but there's a very tiny chance I'll be interested in a lion with none or one of these things. I'm particularly not very into applicator marks.

What doesn't matter:
+ Age, as long as it's male or a sex-changeable female.
+ Stats
+ Heritage

+ or
+ for a particularly valuable lion, I have this leopon cub. She has 9 marksโ€”2 RMA exclusive, 5 breed-only, 1 app, and she has mottled rosette. I'd guess her to be around 300 !

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๐•ป๐–Ž๐–Œ๐–Œ๐–ž (#21149)

Nice Guy
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Posted on
2021-06-11 04:08:06
Interested in any of these? ^^

7 BO Marks Peach Eyes Pearl Mane (has Noctis Nuzzle which is a new February ncl mark):

7 BO Marks Sectoral Red and Jet Eyes:

8 BO Ebony Mane (just reached adulthood, but I can still sex change her as she hasn't been bred yet):

Incineroar G1 x4
Rosette Patch (#169873)

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Posted on
2021-06-11 08:25:38
This cub has 7 breed-only marks and ebony mane?
No applicator marks at all!

cysm (any)(clean BO
xanthic) (#123595)

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Posted on
2021-06-11 08:52:25
Feel free to check out my trades :) I have quite a few BO kiddos and one might catch your eye! If not, I can let you know if I get any particularly nice cubs :0

Harley Quinn (#20915)

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Posted on
2021-06-11 09:11:50
Hey there! I have two that I think you will really like :)

Katzen (G2 BO
Bushveld Mosaic) (#6713)

Deathlord of the Jungle
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Posted on
2021-06-11 11:08:18
These would look great with a base change: (pie)

๐Ÿงก l e o n (#208511)

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Posted on
2021-06-11 16:03:46
Sorry for the late reply y'all! Saw you guys but was in spotty place where pictures weren't loading hahah.

So far, nothing has caught my eye, but I really appreciate all the offers!!

๐ŸฏEudoria๐Ÿฏ (#211345)

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Posted on
2021-06-12 05:47:27
Hi! Would you like this lions?

๐Ÿงก l e o n (#208511)

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Posted on
2021-06-12 18:30:14
no, i'm sorry! they have lots of app marks which i'm not super interested in + i'm not really looking for a mutie since this will mostly be my looks heir. thanks anyway!

Kirrah (#193538)

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Posted on
2021-06-16 00:06:09
you're looking for something unique? i think i got something incredibly unique right here:

a newborn (0 months old as of writing) celestial cub with may's dorsal mutation and inverted rosette.

just how special it is?
- breed only special base
- breed only eyes
- one of 3 celestials to ever have inverted rosette markings. crunchied clone of its mum, so effectively the only one for sale.
- one of 2 celestials to have dorsal mutation, the other one is also a cub bred by me lol
- has another breed only marking, onyx upendezi

all in all, would make a greatly unique and special king~