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2021-06-24 21:41:22



This suggestion is to bring light to possibly reviving the retired event from June, the Flash Floods. This revival would work as a micro-event so to speak, and act more like temporary questlines/storyline events such as the Interstellar quest. The Flood event was an old event not many know about as of now, which served as a good break and had a simple, low demand storyline and plot. As we know, the current decor is in the floodpit now. This event would serve to be temporary, and can appear every once in awhile just as the lioness claiming quest. Here's what I propose.

The Event

The event would start off like the claiming quest;
• During flood season, you have a slim/rare chance of having an encounter from a Lioness (or lion) which will start the event. The encounter/text could look something like this;
--> "You notice a mysterious moss covered lion walk into view during your travels, she urges for your assistance as nearby lands are at risk of flooding because of the rain. Do you dare leave your lands to help those at risk of rising waters, or do you tread onwards?"
[Accept] or [Decline]

• Should you accept, you'll be met with a storyline/questline banner either in adventuring or Quests. From there you will be given daily quests, and once you fulfil you will be given either currency which works with the micro event which can be stored in the general event's information where all event currency is, or decor granted from the floodpit.
• The event would last upwards 3 weeks, within those 3 weeks you will partake in the usual flood dive for items, as well as small/minor quests granted by the NPC/An NPC.
• Unlocking a major flood/flood dive gives you the chance to pull retired decors and current decors.
• You can unlock this micro-event multiple times! It is not permanently locked once the 3 week period comes to a close.


• Along side unlocking the usual flood diving, you will have a chance of a daily quest.
• If you do not like the daily quest you are given, you can reroll upwards 3 times for 20 e/ roll.

• 1) Bring three water orientated pray to the fires for sacrifice. [NOTE: Can have different difficulties]
"Welcome back [King name], please fetch me 3 [Small/Medium/Large] water prey for your payment."
--> Small prey: Nommable fish, turtle eggs, small turtle carcass.
---> Medium prey: Hippo calf, Heron, Catfish, Croc
----> Large prey: Hippo carcass, shark, etc.

• 2) Bring 5 assorted coloured stones.
"Hello, [King name], please bring me 5 [insert colour] shiny stones."
• 3) Claim 5 lionesses.
"Welcome back! I have word of stray lionesses separated on the lands, please bring them to shelter."
--> NOTE: Works like the claiming quest, once claimed they are automatically counted and you can dispose of the NCL as you please.

• 4) Bring back an assorted junk item from flood diving.
"Welcome back, [King name], I'm currently in search of [junk item], please retrieve it for me."
• 5) Bring 10 large land prey.
"Hello, those that are seeking shelter have grown hungry, please send your lionesses on a hunt and retrieve 10 large carcasses."
--> Would initiate a drop down menu where player can enter their prey and submit.


• Just like old June, there will be Micro floods, and a major flood which will spawn once a week.
• Micro floods offer you a chance to retrieve junk items and common decor alike.
• The major flood offers a wide pool of decor, as well as a chance to retrieve retired and/or old decor from retired games such as WaS. Each pool as its rarity category to circulate different items and decors.

Reward and Decor Pool

• With the recent loss of WaS, I propose the revival of certain decors from WaS and July alike!
• Possible Decors to be pulled from the floods:
--> Common
gianttortoise.png copper-stemcorkwoodtree.png fallenlog.png vundu.png azazelgoat.png wornpaws.png
floppinggarfish.png MossyFur.png RainforestShrubsL.png RainforestShrubsR.png Kelp.png mossystones.png
washeduplog.png strongskimmer.png floodwater.png rain.png commonrainfrog.png hemlock.png
--> Uncommon
MossyDenBG.png FloodingGorgeBG.png GreenMambathumb.png emeraldsnake.png Boomslangthumb.png tropicalcliff.png
tLukangaSwampBG.png BarotseFloodplains.png sausagetree.png gaboonviper.png Vinesthumb.png waterfallmist.png
whitecrestedhornbill.png voyagingglider.png RainShelter.png wiretailedswallow.png redtailedmonkey.png treemushrooms.png
--> Rare


Why Circulating Old Decor Is Good

• The majority of the decor I propose be circulated in the micro-event are from the now retired game WaS.
• These decors cannot be earned nor won in anything besides Friday raffles hosted by staff.
• I propose the usage of them here as it still keeps them rare, but also keeps them in demand. Most of these decors are hard to find, and usually upcharged due to rarity. Being able to have a chance of receiving a rare and/or expire decor offers players a motivation to participate in dives as it gives them a chance to win decor they may not have had the chance to work for previous.

Proposed NPC

• Every small quest/micro-event has its own NPC to start it off, so here's who I see fit!

• Introducing Lichen! A snarky NPC with a bit of bite to her attitude.
• Some funky greeting messages from the queen herself that could be introduced:
"So you finally showed up? About time, I was almost worried about your pride. Well, why would I be worried about you."
"There's lions that are dying, [King name]." (context of the kim meme BGFVD)
"You alright, [King name]? There's not a thought behind your eyes."
"Huh? Oh, sorry I was admiring one of your lionesses. Don't get your hopes up."
"Head empty again I see."
"Welcome back, [King name], someone woke up on the wrong side of the rock today. Please fix your fur before seeing me, truly atrocious."

Possible Base Drop

• With a new micro-event + quests and NPC in mind, I'm taking the spotlight to selfishly plug a possible base drop from the event/npc!
Base: Crocodile
• Encounter/Quest idea:
Lichen approaches you with a sigh, a troubled look within her eyes. "Thank you for the help, [King name], I appreciate all you've done. Have a parting gift until next time."
--> Received [Crocodile Tears]

• While my base suggestion is originally for BO, It would also make an interesting rare applicator drop.

Credits and Help

Thank you sm to Bilby and Whalesong for the spur of ideas and backup <3

This suggestion has 70 supports and 0 NO supports.

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jester [g2 bushveld
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Posted on
2021-06-24 21:44:50
not to be dramatic but i would die for lichen.

10/10 suggestion

Dad ☕ (#130338)

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Posted on
2021-06-24 21:45:35
i would say she'd die for you but we know she probably wouldnt for anyone 😔

🌿 whales0ng (#162699)

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Posted on
2021-06-25 06:08:05
I love Lichen 🥺

ʟᴀᴛᴛᴇ (#188331)

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Posted on
2021-07-08 05:56:49
I support on a spiritual level, this sounds so fun! We need more for the questing page, it's just the July one atm and empty.

Fading Angel (G1
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Posted on
2021-07-08 12:18:21
Flash floods was my favorite ecent and hands down would take it over any of these new events!! So my support ❤❤❤