-LOCKED - July Development Update #34!
Posted on 2021-07-02 01:57:34

Tefnut's Temple Changes

Due to the July event rehaul, Tefnut's Temple has had its items shuffled, as we mentioned would happen back in July 2020.

Items Removed
Celestial Horn Crown
Celestials: Sagittarius
Celestials: Canopus
Celestials: Scorpio
Celestials: Mouse
Celestials: Pisces
Celestials: Virgo Warthog
Celestials: Capricorn
Celestials: Orion
Celestials: Taurus Hartebeest
Celestials: Peacock Star (Steenbok)
Celestials: King of the North Star
Celestials: Gemini Eland
Celestials: Aquarius Lammergeier
Celestials: Aldebaran and Pleiades
Celestials: Libra
Celestials: Leo
Celestials: Betelgeuse
Celestials: Aries Ibex
Celestials: Cancer
Celestials: Southern Cross - Tree
Meteor Shard Growth [Blue]
Meteor Shard Growth [Red]
Shard Growth
Interstellar Wing Bands

Items Added
App: Astral Fire
BG: Setting Sun
BG: Broken Kingdom
BG: Pure Morning
BG: Conjunction
BG: Burning Blight
BG: Empyrean Future
Evening Light
Morning Light
Divine Grace
Divine Promise
Divine Sparkles
Call to the Stars
Celestial Detritus
Protecting Stars
Chilling Apedemak
Chilling Apollyon
Guardian Whisper of Tefnut
Tefnut's Flower
Broken Ritual
Whispering Rocks
Whispering Glow
Whisperking Trinkets
Sunset's Memorial

More information regarding the July event will be released within the July event news post, which is scheduled to go live on July 8th, 2021!

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New Flood Pit Eyes!

We had fun experimenting with Snake eyes, and we thought you all might like some more unique, fantasy-type eyes for your lions!

Eye Applicator: Cloudy and Eye Applicator: Fog have been added to the Flood Pit rotation! Like Mist eyes, they can be purchased for 2000 SB each.

Eye Applicator: Cloudy item. Eye Applicator: Fog item.

Cloudy: 50% Cloudy, 10% Blue, 10% Seafoam, 10% Ice, 10% Grey, 10% Silver
Fog: 50% Fog, 10% Blue, 10% Grey, 10% Aqua, 10% Crystal, 10% Malachite

Black line separator.

New NCL Exclusive and Breed Unique Eyes!


Eight new NCL Exclusive eye colours have been added! As a reminder, you can only find NCLs with exclusive eye colours if your pride leader's Impression level is at Impressive or higher.

Ceramic: 40% Ceramic, 25% Faience, 10% Crimson, 5% Mint, 5% Mosaic, 5% Storm, 10% Blue
Terracotta: 40% Terracotta, 25% Mire, 10% Clay, 15% Earth, 10% Brown
Smalti: 40% Smalti, 25% Rose Ebony, 15% Peach, 10% Black, 10% Sunstone
Cordovan: 40% Cordovan, 25% Rose Quartz, 15% Tyrian, 10% Pink, 10% Amber
Glaze: 40% Glaze, 25% Burnish, 10% Amber, 10% Yellow, 15% Rose Quartz
Tessera: 40% Tessera, 25% Dunt, 10% Black, 10% Blue, 10% White, 5% Smoke
Celadon: 40% Celadon, 30% Sage, 10% Hazel, 10%, Cognac, 10% Olive
Chamotte: 40% Chamotte, 25% Clay, 5% Grey, 10% Earth, 10% Sunstone, 10% Mire

Breed Unique Eyes?!
Breed Unique is a new type of system where an eye colour can "fail" into a unique colour, only available from that primary "parent" colour! If you see the new NCL Exclusive eye genetics above, some of these fail eye colours are underlined—these underlined colours are Breed Unique eyes that originate from NCL Exclusive eyes! We have added in seven Breed Unique eye colours today, we hope you enjoy this new system!

Example: Tessera is an NCL Exclusive eye colour. It has a 25% chance to fail to Dunt, which is a Breed Unique eye colour. You cannot get Dunt from any other eye colour—at least one parent must have Tessera eyes. Of course, you can produce more Dunts with Dunt-eyed parents!

Dunt (From Tessera): 50% Dunt, 20% Black, 10% Jet, 20% White
Burnish (From Glaze): 50% Burnish, 20% Grey, 20% Peach, 10% Earth
Clay (From Chamotte and Terracotta): 50% Clay, 20% Sandy, 20% Tan, 10% Bronze
Rose Ebony (From Smalti): 50% Rose Ebony, 10% Tyrian, 10% Jet, 10% Pink, 20% Peach
Rose Quartz (From Cordovan and Glaze): 50% Rose Quartz, 10% Tyrian, 10% Peach, 30% Pink
Mire (From Terracotta): 50% Mire, 20% Sinoper, 10% Cognac, 10% Sandy, 10% Tan
Faience (From Ceramic): 50% Faience, 10% Crystal, 10% Blue, 10% Sapphire, 10% Grey, 10% Sodalite

All new eyes released today have the new, updated and cleaner eye design.

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New Applicator Markings!

A mockup containing a lioness with the Kunzite base, Dawn eyes, and a Greige nose. The lioness has intentionally been given conflicting marking colours to showcase the new marking sets. Her markings are, in order: Blue Indri, Feline 7 Orchid, Citron Crust, Pulsar Margay, Feline 9 Orchid, Pulsar Mottled Vents, and Under White 3.

Thanks to your votes in previous polls, we have three new marking applicators to release today: Applicator: Citron Markings, Applicator: Pulsar Markings, and Feline Applicator: Orchid!

Applicator: Citron Markings item. Applicator: Pulsar Markings item. Feline Applicator: Orchid item.

Applicator: Citron Markings can be crafted out of 20 x African Cucumber, 50 x Large Leaves, and 10 x Rainbow Stones! It is a year-round crafting recipe that can be accessed at any time via Monkey Business.

Citron Brindle
Citron Crackle
Citron Crust
Citron Marble

Applicator: Pulsar Markings and Feline Applicator: Orchid are purchased from the Gorilla Enclave, following the same pricing as other existing applicators: 300 Monkey Teeth! Pulsar can also be found in the Referral Shop and will cost 15 Referral Points.

Pulsar Cheetah (Royal)
Pulsar Dim
Pulsar Margay
Pulsar Mottled Vents

Feline 1 - 9 Orchid

Go forth and create more gorgeous colourbombs!
(We know all of you can do much better than we did today with our mockup. We tried our best... kind of.)

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Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

* One karma-specific explore encounter was not counting towards the achievements for collecting X amount of Silver Beetles while exploring, this has been fixed moving forward
* Previously, completing Wenet's quest would require you to visit the Reptile Roundup game page in order to unlock the Flowering Fields level and Egg Eater skin. Starting with next year's April event, this will no longer be necessary and will unlock automatically upon completing Wenet's quest. If you completed the quest this year and did not visit the page, please post on this bug thread so that they may be unlocked for your account!

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Raffle Lioness

Congrats Alleyan (#233935)! You have won last week's Bushveld lady, woo!
A new Ebony lady with Lilac Crackle (NEW!), Noctis Indri (NEW!), Noctis Panther (NEW!), and the thirteenth Lake Tanganyika background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here!

Marking Note: Bushveld Indri and Bushveld Margay are now possible to apply via RMAs/Total Shuffle!

No new tags this week!
Shad will be releasing new tags later on in the month. Stay tuned until then!

Poll Results - The two highest votes were for new Flood Pit applicators and NCL eyes. We hope we delivered!

NEW POLL - Which name do you prefer for the next August stud base: Bandit, Exiled, or Banished? Let us know!

Black line separator.

Next Updates: Event Update - July 8th / Community Update - July 9th!
Next Development Update: August 13th!!

Where's the official raffle and Friday comic?
Community raffles and Friday doodles are only released on community updates. This is a development update, so no raffle or doodle will be released this week, sorry!

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Heck yeah more eyes!!!

OMG and Citron markings!!! Amazing, I'm so excited to craft them!
I.... I already used all of my Large Leaves for the Tefnut Temple....
I'm gonna go cry now

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Holy fak those markings!!


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