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The July event launches on July 8th at 00:00am LDT, and will end on July 31st at 11:59pm LDT. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until next year. In future years, it will start right away on July 1st at 00:00 LDT.

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Previous July Event Information

As had been mentioned within the July event news for 2020, all mechanics relating to July's past storylines and quests have been retired. The Firefly Shop is retired, and the Firefly currency is retired as well. We are debating on creating a conversion system to convert Fireflies to Silver Beetles. If one is added, we will announce it this weekend.

All items that we could shuffle have been moved from one shop to another, and all previous storyline items were added to Tefnut's Temple (now Tefnut's Memories). We listed some items in July 2021's development update, but here's an extra list.

* The following items have been relocated from the Firefly Shop to Tefnut's Memories: Abaddon Skies, all sets of "Celestial Wings", Apollyon's Grace, Menhit.
* All items that were removed from Tefnut's Memories (listed in the July 2021 development update) have been added to the new Draco Demiurge Exchange: Celestial Horn Crown, all "Celestials" decors, all Shard Growths, Interstellar Wing Bands.
* The Frivolous Apedemak decor has been relocated from the Oasis to Tefnut's Memories and is now available for the duration of July at a price of 4000 SB.
* All generic Celestial-themed backgrounds and decors from the Firefly Shop have been relocated to the Draco Demiurge Exchange. Any backgrounds and decors left from the Firefly Shop that are African-themed will be introduced to the game through other sources within the next development update.
* Tefnut's Memories no longer uses Meteorite Shards, all Meteorite Shard prices have been converted to Silver Beetles. All items in Tefnut's Memories cost Silver Beetles except for the base, mane, and marking applicators, which still cost Meteorite Shards.
* All future special items and unique applicators will appear in the Draco Demiurge Exchange instead of Tefnut's Memories.

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July Event - Premise

This year, we're laying down the foundations for the new Celestial event. You can still gather Meteorite Shards while you explore the African lands. These Meteorite Shards become a new special form of "energy".

Starting immediately on July 1st at 00:00am LDT in future years, you will be able to access Celestial Explore, where you can use the charged Meteorite Shards to move across the space-time. A new map will open, which we will expand upon every year or so to add in new zones. This year, you will be able to access the world of the Draco Demiurge - the Draco Constellation.

A mockup of the Celestial Explore UI.

Celestial Explore is not affected by Earth's day and night cycles, nor is it affected by dry and wet seasons.

Each explore step in Celestial Explore costs 5 Meteorite Shards. You can battle and encounter alien beings native to this zone in order to collect a new currency, Axion Cores. Battles use normal energy and do not deplete your Meteorite Shards.

Speaking of battles, there's something a little special this month. Each normal alien enemy that you encounter in Celestial Explore can count towards a hidden bar. When you defeat and win against 10 alien enemies, you will then encounter a boss enemy. This boss enemy cannot be skipped—even if you click past them, the next enemy encounter you get in Celestial Explore will always be a boss.

You can use Lucky Feet on normal alien enemies, but not boss enemies. The bosses are powerful, but they do give out better rewards. Whether you win or lose against a boss, the counter will restart again. You can build this counter up and cycle through it endlessly throughout the duration of the event.

The battles do not have to be sequential, either. If you win against a normal enemy, then lose, then win again, your counter will still go up and will not be interrupted or affected by your loss. You do not have to win 10 battles in a row to encounter a boss.

Going back to the new currency, Axion Cores can be spent in the Draco Demiurge Exchange shop, which also unlocks upon reaching Tier 1 of the Meteorite Shards collected bar.

This currency is also necessary to enter the Celestial Raffle, which is available when the Meteorite Shards collected bar reaches Tier 2.

There is no new lore or storyline this year. We needed to introduce new mechanics and refresh the event's premise first. We will slowly build upon this world each year, like we used to do in the old days of Lioden.

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July Event - Tiers of the Meteorite Shards Bar

The bar is a global collective of all players gathering them on the site.

Tier 0

As soon as the July event starts, Celestial Explore is unlocked, which is available on the Event page.

Tier 1

Tier 1 unlocks the Draco Demiurge Exchange, which can also be found through the Event page. This new shop contains both new and old backgrounds and decors. There are no tiers to this shop, everything is available to purchase as soon as it unlocks.

A screenshot from the Draco Demiurge Exchange shop.

Tier 2

Tier 2 unlocks the Celestial Raffle, which is unchanged from last year. The mechanics are identical to previous years.

Every 12 hours, a new lioness will appear with a base, eye colour, and a marking that are unique to this month! You can pay 5 Axion Cores for a chance to impress her.

There will be a 50/50 rotation of Type 1 and Type 2 Celestial lionesses. There is no set order, it is random which type will be generated.

Type 1 will have the Dawn base (new for 2021), Stellar eyes (new for 2021), and a random Celestial, Leonid, Sidereal, Skyward, or Sunset marking in any slot.
Type 2 will have the Celestial, Leonid, Sidereal, Skyward, Stratosphere, Sunrise, or Sunset base, Dawn, Draconid, Galaxy, Starshine, or Sunglow eyes, and a random Stratosphere marking (new for 2021).

A mockup of a Dawn-based lioness with Stellar eyes.

Dawn is a Red Light Countershaded Special base and is tied to Dusky skin. It is from this suggestion—it fits the subtle Celestial lioness theme as well as the new colour palette of the Draco Constellation. Thank you, Dal 1st Gen Heavy F1-F9 (#149529), for the design!

Stellar eyes are a new Celestial Raffle eye colour. They have been added as a factor for Cosmic eyes, on the same side as Dawn (so to get Cosmic, you must breed a Cosmic/Galaxy/Jasper-eyed lion to a Cosmic/Dawn/Draconid/Starshine/Stellar/Sunglow-eyed lion).
Stellar Genetics: 50% Stellar, 20% Sapphire, 10% Saffron, 10% Tyrian, 5% Dawn, 5% Galaxy

Stratosphere markings are the new Celestial Raffle marking set. The shapes are as follows!
* Stratosphere Feline (4)
* Stratosphere Lycaon (Heavy Inverted)
* Stratosphere Undertone
* Stratosphere Vitiligo (5)

Tier 3

Tier 3 unlocks the "Murder Stone"—or, as we will call it from now on, the One-Way Portal. Mechanic-wise, it is unchanged from last year, and is identical to previous years.

When you give up a lion, you will receive a wonderful reward for sending the lion to the Celestial world. Rewards are the same as they have been, and are randomised as usual. Remember that we cannot bring back a lion you've sent on accident. There are many confirmations, though. It's best to give special names to lions that you intend to send through the portal.

To send a lion through the portal, they cannot be pregnant, nursing cubs, in a reverse breeding, set as a broodmother, offered in a trade, offered in a raffle, on a trade cooldown, cannot be frozen, cannot be secured, cannot be hunting, and cannot be patrolling. Cubs cannot be given up. Even if you chase a lioness's cubs, the mother is still considered as nursing until 5 days of cooldown pass.

The One-Way Portal does not affect your pride leader's karma.

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General and Extra Event-Related Content

New in the Oasis
The new background in the Oasis this year is M87* Supermassive Black Hole, inspired by the recent data flow.

Crafting and Gems
Under Decor Crafting in Monkey Business, crafting will be available right away. This month's favoured gems are Celestite, Jasper, Labradorite, Meteorite, Moonstone, and Peridot.

We have not expanded on gem crafting in 2021 due to the event rehaul workload. We will focus on this area next year, with a new base, eye colour, mane colour, and new decors based on the new gems (Howlite and Star Ruby).

The new Comet Shard, Prismatic Scale, and Space Rock items will be craftable next year. For now, you can sell them for SB to Monkey Business, or just collect them!

Wiki Information
Our Wiki Team will be updating the July event wiki page with all new content and information as soon as possible.

The Wiki Team has also created a new Retired Events page, which hosts a link to the retired July event, if any newcomers or older players alike would like to reminisce on older times.

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A Reminder of July's Combo Base
This is your yearly reminder that the Pulsar base can be bred again! What's unique about Pulsar is that it can ONLY be bred during the month of July, with the following factor bases.

Base Factor 1: Arctic, Pulsar
Base Factor 2: Anjeer, Blazing, Inferno, Prune, Pulsar

Outside of July, you can only breed Pulsar x Pulsar to produce more Pulsar lions.

Keep in mind that Pulsar is not technically affected by or tied to the event. Whether you participate in the event or not, you can breed for Pulsar using its factors starting immediately on July 1st at 00:00am LDT up until July 31st at 11:59pm LDT. Again, outside of this timeframe, you can only achieve Pulsar by breeding Pulsar x Pulsar, or using Crunchy Worms on Pulsar lionesses.

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Another Look at Interstellar

A mockup of an Interstellar-based lioness. It is a Black Dark Solid Special base.

As a reminder, the Interstellar base is applied using the Interstellar Remnants applicator. This applicator can be found while exploring in normal African biomes, and only if you come across a successful Meteorite Shard encounter. It is a very rare drop, so if you find it, congratulations!

You can also earn this applicator by completing the Journey to Vredefort Crater. This epic quest can only be taken during the month of July via the Adventuring page within Crossroads. Once you take this quest, you can finish it at any time of the year. There is no time limit for finishing the quest. However, once you complete the quest, that's it—you cannot take it again, it is once per account.

Check out the Journey to Vredefort Crater guide on our official Lioden wiki!

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Extra Information

In the following days, we will upload the Dawn base mutation files and fix various art bugs, including the new Draconid eye files that seem to have been overwritten with the old version for various stages. We will include that list of fixes in the August news post as a summary, but the work will be done this week.

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Silver (#224278)

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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:07:29
This really crashed the GB market. I’m seeing GB selling for less than 900 SB. I’ve personally never seen it get this low, and it’s very jarring.

This new “SB instead of MS” change was so abrupt and unexpected, I really hope that something changes. I mean, 15k SB just for an app? Not a whole lot of us have that kind of currency just lying around, and especially since no one got the heads-up to prepare. Honestly, just a simple alert banner in the beginning of July would’ve been enough.

And isn’t Tefnut’s Memories an “event” shop? Shouldn’t that mean we need to use the event currency instead of SB? Right now, in my opinion, it just feels like a regular shop that opens every July. I really hope that something changes.

Sorry for this little rant, it isn’t supposed to be an attack at the devs, I’m just a little frustrated with this new update :/

{ Mono }📺 (#119800)

Deathlord of the Jungle
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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:07:41
“Its not an event shop anymore ;);)”
“Just sell gb ;);)”

when the game suddenly becomes pay to win

☆TotallyAnime☆ (#78155)

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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:16:17
I would just like to point out that the Carrion Shop sells apps and uses SB to purchase them. However the most expensive app is 4000 SB while older apps at only 1000 SB so I feel making a marking app cost 15k SB is a bit outrageous. Also for reference a Total Shuffle app is 30k in the Monkey Business. I personally didn't mind the swap to SB payments for Tefnut's Temple because I can come by that easier than event currency because I'm a more casual player.

Overall I think the idea isn't bad, but I do feel the prices need to be adjusted to make things a little more fair.

Bright Sun (#235413)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:16:29
This looks AWESOME!!!

wanda vermaximoff
|G1 RL Clone (#55441)

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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:16:30
First, the good. Let me start by saying YAY SPACE LIONS!! Giant space nerd here, so space lions is literally the best thing I could have asked for. I'm looking forward to explore the new space area and seeing what kinds of new space decor and such will be released in years to come. Also, the new base looks great, and I'm generally not a huge fan of reds. Another great addition to the amazing July bases! All the space stuff is exciting, even without a storyline this year.

Now, the bad. Tefnut's Memories. As a player who does buy GB and regularly sells it when I'm in need of SB, I am incredibly disheartened to see the event shop converted exclusively to SB. Usually, I'd grab a few bases and my favorite decors with event currency, but I'm honestly think I'm going to have to skip out this year. I already use my SB daily for my breeding projects, so I almost never have extra to spare. The little extra I would usually have to spend is gone because I had to spend 10k SB to get Vredefort Crater started on both of my accounts, so that's no SB to spare for me. I know I'm not the only person in that boat. I can't even image how long it would take me to get 15k SB right now for the marking apps. I mean sure, if I paused my breeding projects, I probably could do it a lot faster, but I shouldn't have to put my projects on hold to participate in an event.

I personally think that something should be done to the prices or the currency used in the temple. Especially for those of us that were planning what we were going to use our shards on, it's really unfair to suddenly change everything to another currency and then up the prices of the best items just as suddenly. I'm usually a really positive person and I try to see the bright side in everything, but this is one thing I just can put a positive spin on.

Viper (#213147)

Deathlord of the Jungle
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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:18:55
Soooooo awesome!

Sen🌸 | FREEZING (#235818)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:22:06
Okay so about the currency thing in the replies right now, I personally don't really care about it. Because I don't plan to get too many things in Tefnut Temple. I do get why newbies and casual players would struggle with this event, and I agree that they really shouldn't have done it without warning whatsoever. And really, I think the stuff in Tefnut Temple is overpriced, 15k for an app is a really unfaie But in conclusion, things need to change about this event because it's really unfair. I was planning to only use my ms for event shop items I liked, but now my plans have completely shifted on what I wanted to buy or get because of the currency change. The past prices with ms were reachable and fair, you just needed to grind for a few days for an app or two. But now it seems basically unreachable, I haven't ever stacked up 2k at one time ever(because I'm pretty new here). I've also heard about how gc prices are at one of their lowest yet due to the event, which is extremely bad but I won't deep dive into that. In conclusion, things need to change.

Edited on 07/07/21 @ 20:32:40 by Calypso📚 (#235818)

Ghost (she/her) (#196818)

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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:26:09
Ok while the event art looks really cool and I'm still excited for the story, I am really upset about the price change in the Tefnut's memories shop. I've seen a lot of people already comment about this, and I agree with them. It is really unfair to not provide a warning, or to make the prices so high that only the players who put all of their time into the game can get them. I am a pretty casual player and I can already rarely get the applicators with event currency, but this just seems unreachable, like a tantalizing prize that I can only get if I spend a lot of money and time, and then it's already gone the moment the lion that I use it on dies.

Mack (She or He) (#194767)

Bone Collector
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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:27:34
I'm so hyped!!!

Dakota (side) (#89629)

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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:29:17
I sorta wish we had the old event still this year as the new one feels so rushed, like, we should have had a warning and the chance to get the story one last time so they could get everything in order like encounters, rewards, prices and such :<

BugBane (#227014)

Lone Wanderer
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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:31:36
If you start the epic adventure but do not finish it by the time the end of the month rolls around, do you continue until you finish? If not, does it end and count as your one try?

Admin Response:
As stated in the news:
"Once you take this quest, you can finish it at any time of the year. There is no time limit for finishing the quest."

Girafa [G1 4ROS HAZE
BO ONLY] (#168890)

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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:32:43
I wish I had some advance notice that the currency would change... I lost almost 2k FF and now I can't buy what I want with the shards I saved for this year (more than 3k).
Idk, the event still looks really cool... The new things are beautiful, and everything. But that discouraged me a lot

Maggs (#223105)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:39:02
Was excited until I saw the prices change. I had enough trouble getting the MS, no way will I be getting that much SB before this ends. Seems like only one person wanted the prices higher, so why change it?

RoseCB (#217746)

Bone Collector
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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:54:15
As a newer player and someone who cannot really grind hard because of life (work/family/friends/just life), it seems very unfair to pull away the MS prices from the event shop. I, and I am sure most other new and non grinding players can never afford any of the apps. It's definitely pay to play now. (I understand Lioden needs to make money to keep running, but I have quit pet games before for turning into pay to play). The GB market is destroyed right now... its not worth it to sell GB, let alone pay real money for it right now. So the only real way to stock pile SB quick is through monkey business selling lots of stuff that you may or may not want too.

I do like that the MS can be used towards something else... but not have it as an option for the event shop sucks.

I am however concerned about the number of MS a first time July event player needs to do all this new explore stuff. It seems like MS shards are to just explore the new map that will be opening in order to get axion cores? Or did I interpret that wrong? Also, the image you post for exploring the new area is very disheartening just to the fact that is shows someone with 2,000+ MS... there is absolutely no way as a newer player (or someone who cannot grind every day) would be able to collect that amount of MS to be able to explore the new area at 5 MS a step. That just seems high! Unless there are some big updates on explore encounters that give more MS, a first time July event player is completely beat out of this event.

Axion core seem like the real event currency... and I know you get them from galactic battles, but is every step taken another battle or is there a lot of filler steps where not much is gained? Guess we won't know until we do it.

Seems like a lose lose situation and I am not nearly as excited for this event any longer.

The new dawn base is incredible looking though.

ShockWave (#224357)

Deathlord of the Jungle
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Posted on
2021-07-07 20:54:17
Well, new eyes and base look stunning, I must say.
Disappointed about having to buy the items from the shop with SB now. That's gonna be real hard.

Overall, it's a good update


Just wondering if the prices were changed because one person said something, or was it something else? No offence to anyone.

Edited on 07/07/21 @ 21:28:10 by ShockWave (#224357)

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