-LOCKED - July Event Changes
Posted on 2021-07-08 04:00:07
Hello! We're aware of the feedback that we received recently, and discussed this back and forth with all admin team. We have made some changes to this month's (brand new) event, as follows:

Changes based on feedback:

* Tefnut's Memories now has apps priced in Meteorite Shards and not SB.
* The tier requirements for the bars have been lowered across all tiers. This was something we were likely to do anyway, as it's always difficult to judge from new event mechanics.
* Whilst the celestial explore does not consume energy when you explore it, it will now require you to have at least 10% energy, so you can be prepared to battle an enemy.
* The chance of finding meteorite shards has been increased, with any chance of finding a 'fail' encounter that doesn't actually grant shards removed entirely. If you get an event encounter, it will give you shards.

Whilst we super appreciate feedback and constructive criticism, it was very disappointing to read some quite shocking vitriol posted by a (thankfully small) minority of players today. Please remember to be courteous to all, including staff members, and that everyone is a human being behind the screen. Nobody should have to accept abuse, our staff included.

We hope the event will be more enjoyable for you all now, and to extend our thanks to all the players for just wanting to be heard, but managing to get their views across in a constructive and helpful manner.

As always, we reserve the right to make further adjustments if it seems necessary, but hopefully this will be the sweet spot!

Edit at 8:20am Lioden Time:
* The energy requirement to explore in the Celestial Explore has been removed.
* Battles have been slightly tweaked to reduce difficulty.
* "Empty" explore encounters in Celestial Explore have been changed to reward between 1 and 7 Meteorite Shards at random.
* Applicators that cost MS have been removed from Tefnut's Memories. They will return later in the event, they will likely not be priced for MS when they return.

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