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2021-07-13 00:37:18

Hi! I'm looking for RP partners for 1x1 RP's! I haven't RP'ed in a couple of years, but I did between the years of 2010 to 2019 basically, so I have tons of experience. RP's would preferably be done over Discord, since based on other's posts that seems to be the easiest and most common way.

About Me!

➤I go by Grub and use they/he pronouns!

➤I mainly enjoy furry RP's! I have a whole bunch of OC's with references drawn by myself! I would be open to RPing Warrior Cats as well, but honestly I'm looking for furry RPers!

➤I really only like to RP male, non-binary, or Transmen and I don't tend to like RPing with female characters unless we end up doing a Warrior Cats RP.

➤I would say I'm pretty literate. I like responses with a lot to work with, though I understand sometimes there's nothing going on to write paragraphs about!

➤I'm free most days currently, but I will be getting a fulltime job soon (hopefully), so that might change. I'm in the Central Time Zone!

➤I'm 23, so I would prefer if my RP partners were 18+ please! I had traumatic experiences as a minor RPing with adults, so I would like to avoid encouraging minors to seek out adults to RP with.

What I'm Looking For

I'm mainly searching for a long term furry RP in a sci-fi plot. I love supernatural, superheroes, space, and other things like that. I've been obsessed with mad scientist esque stories at the moment! While I do like slice of life every once in a while, I'd rather have a plot with some adventure or conflict! The story does not have to include romance, but if it does I would prefer it to be MxM or MxNB.

How To Contact Me

Like I said, I think Discord would be the best place to RP! You can just add me on there at beetlegrub #1906 . Just message me saying what you would be interested in and I'll get back to you ASAP! I'm incredibly anxious, so if you're shy please don't be afraid to message me because I'm in the exact same boat as you. It's taking a lot for me to post this to be honest. Thanks for showing interest in advance! I'm really looking forwards to creating stories with someone!

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