Posted by [JUL] Celestial Studs instead of Celestial Raffle?

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2021-07-15 03:04:06
I've been seeing some critical voices about Celestial Raffle and thinking - Can we implement a better, already existing way to implement event base and making that would be more fair to all users?

The Raffle system in general is not the greatest. It feels very exclusive when multiple people spend their precious event currency but only one wins. And when it comes to implementing new event bases and eyes - we are limited to an exact amount of 46 lionesses (2 lionesses for a day and I'm counting from 8th of july) and these 46 uses who will have power over what to do with them. And even if you win such lioness - you are not guaranteed she will ever pass her base during her life (hello there fellow poor casual players).

August event lately implemented event studs - a rolling set of 6 males with special event bases and markings, and every user can use their studding services for an event currency price.
And yes you can still fail to obtain event elements, but maybe you'd have a some nice cubs with an event mark or eyes? And the most important thing is - your chances are as equal as the other users who decided to pay and participate.

Of course now that studding guarantees a result they could be more expensive so you'd still have to try on the event to get the required amount of currency while managing it on other event expenses. Assuming you are trying for every lioness in 23 days you will spend 230 AC in total. Isn't it better to spend, let's say 100 AC once in a while for a stud you like?

In conclusion - I just think studding services are more fair for every user participating than raffle and woudn't hurt the July event if the celestial lionesses were replaced with celestial studs.

This suggestion has 23 supports and 11 NO supports.

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Posted on
2021-07-15 03:19:33
I support. I find it that some of us old players seem to become salty about never winning one xD

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Posted on
2021-07-15 09:24:56
No support. I think instead the number of celestial lionesses in the raffle should be upped considerably. Studs would be frustrating, and special bases are severely difficult to get- I'm not a fan of august studs to start with. You'd need to mass breed which would be time consuming and expensive. I'm not saying the way the current raffle is sustainable or good, but I don't believe this would be better.

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Posted on
2021-07-17 05:40:46
I think a system similar to groupies would be better, because the chance to obtain G1 lions is nice, but the idea with studs is great too!

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Posted on
2021-07-17 05:49:00
I think the price of entering should atleast be ten AC so newer players can participate, anyways I support

Slade (#36600)

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Posted on
2021-07-17 07:32:32
I support this too.