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2021-07-17 07:54:14
I've had this idea for a while(like, since the June Flood event was replaced with the Egypt one), but I decided not to post it originally since I figured new events wouldn't be on the table until after all the existing ones got storylines. But here we are in July with a theming adjustment and story replacement.

Basically: When the devs decide to introduce a new event (like the June Egypt event) or dramatically alter an existing event(like the July Celestial Family->Constellations/space), instead of removing the original event, rotate it with the new event.

Current problems that this could potentially solve:

1. As seen with the current July event, people don't like known characters being retired for good. Having them come back on a set rotation would mitigate bad feelings while still allowing new themes to pop up.

2. Some events have multiple themes and are getting overcrowded. That was one of the stated reasons July got changed in the first place, and I could see October following in its footsteps with how segregated the Rabies and the Heaven/Hell themes are. Being able to split these into events of their own without losing the other theme completely might make them feel less all-over-the-place.

3. The natural/fantasy split. As it is, the year is pretty natural-heavy until June, at which point it's fantasy-heavy for the rest of the year (minus August). Some players like natural events better, some like fantasy events better, and this would open up the opportunity to alternate the natural/fantasy focus every month.

4. Site artists/content creators wouldn't have to be stuck with the same group of themes year after year.

Potential Downsides:

1. Players may prefer one over the other and have to wait longer for their favorite. (It's still better than removing the old event entirely, though.)

2. Devs might feel pressure to make extra events every month, which is a lot of work, especially when there's so much in the plans for already-existing events. (But they don't have to.)

Alternate Implementations

- Have players choose which event they want to play at the beginning of the month rather than rotate them for everybody. This would require balancing unlocks, though, or making the events reskins of each other, which could stifle creativity.

EDIT: Made it sound less like staff needs to make 12 new events to fill out a yearly rotation.

This suggestion has 20 supports and 24 NO supports.

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di (#126735)

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Posted on
2021-07-17 08:07:13

I hate the new July event. I liked the old one better. With the new one, it feels like no matter how much balancing they try to do on it, it's still unbalanced. I can still barely win battles in celestial explore. I can barely even EXPLORE the celestial explore, because I barely find Meteorite Shards in normal or celestial explore.

The month is halfway over. I've been playing daily. I only have 86 Axion Cores. And that's from using MS to explore from this account AND my side account. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get enough to get at least ONE base app before the month is over.

I'd love to be able to choose the old event over this one. I prefer it so much more. Retiring it because people didn't like the storyline... who cares? People don't have to play the storyline then? I don't know. I just really dislike this event. Almost as much as I dislike the Egyptian one. I'd give my left kidney to be able to chose to play the old event, or even if they rotated them. Cause then I know next year I'd be able to enjoy the event.

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Posted on
2021-07-17 16:27:39
I see a large number of no supports, but no comments as to why.

I'm guessing it was because I sort-of combined this with my hopes that there'd be more than one event option for each month? I edited the original post for this, because it's really about opening the door for new events without completely replacing the old ones.

But if there's some other reason people are no supporting, I'd appreciate feedback!

[△] Nadir (#108458)

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Posted on
2021-07-18 18:45:59
At this point, I'm supporting practically any changes to this event. This is a mess. I'm unhappy.

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Posted on
2021-07-22 10:53:52
Hm, maybe there could be like an option? like when you visit the July page at the beginning of an event, you get to choose Between the Old event and the New event, and whichever you choose you'd have your account locked to it? i would say you could just counteract this with your side but also most of the revised events have split paths to take and selecting a New event on your main and the Old event on your side, you'd only have one account to only do one path, so there is a balance. (sorry if my message is all over the place...)

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Posted on
2021-07-29 06:05:33
June floods were replaced because majority of players found them boring and unfun, based on poll results.
July falling stars were replaced because players didn't like the countless in##st and abuse mentions + the devs weren't happy with the place they ended up in.

I'd rather have the devs focus on rewriting the website rather than finding a way to have multiple events per month - the current state of the game can barely support what we have now. Not to mention the characters from retired events are still available to be used as decorations, so they weren't entirely removed.

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Posted on
2021-08-20 21:00:13
No support, and since nobody else is explaining, I’ll say it.
The old July event had some REALLY problematic themes. Abuse, harassment, bordering on straight-up RAPE in my opinion! If those themes aren’t allowed in roleplays on the site (and with good reason), WHY are they in an event storyline? I’m fine with having an NPC be an abuse/trauma SURVIVOR, that would be great, but what we had was pretty awful.

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Posted on
2021-08-20 21:21:50
So it's basically poor timing on my part of suggesting this? Because I've had this idea for a LONG time, I just didn't put it up because I thought the devs wouldn't even consider making new events until all the existing ones had storylines. (This was the year storylines were introduced that I started seriously considering suggesting it.)

Yes, the Flood event was unpopular. Yes, the Apedemak storyline had problems. But this isn't specifically about bringing those back - it's about introducing new events without retiring the existing ones. The storyline wasn't the only reason July got changed - they stated that the event as it previously stood had parts that didn't quite fit in and the theming was too restrictive. Some of the other events we have on the calendar have those traits, too, and I don't want to see them go away completely like the Flood event did, nor have their mechanics change so much like July's did.

But if others want old events to be replaced when the devs decide to make new ones, I accept I'm on the losing side. It's just that the reaction from the July event's retheming makes me think that's not the majority opinion. Thus why I'm confused as to why the supports/no supports are so close/weighing towards no support.

I just chose to put it up when I did because of the backlash and to provide an alternative option that would preserve the space dragon event rather than remove/merge it with the celestial lion event like others suggested.