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2021-07-19 19:16:13
Please read all of this post before giving your support or no support! Also, if you don't support, please let me know why!

So, I know that December technically has an event, but it feels like a general theme rather than an event. I don't want to take anything away from the December event, but rather, add a storyline to explain why there is snuh, and the consequences of the constant wet season!
There's a swampy inland in Botswana, Africa, called the Okavango Delta, where the Okavango River meets the basin of the Kalahari. There's many islands in this delta with canals in between them, and termites that are underground give islands their shape, and control how high the land is. The water in the river evaporates and doesn't go any farther to any seas or oceans or anything. In this delta, there's a multitude of wildlife; elephants, hippos, countless birds, AWDs, lions, and much, much more! Well, with the wet season, the delta swells and expands, and in the dry season the water levels shrink again.

With all of the persistent rain in December, I was thinking; what if the Okavango Delta swelled so much, that it reached the territory of our Kings and Queens? Then, with the water, comes the various species of wildlife?
So, what would the consequences of this very wet wet season be? Why, the prides of lions that live in the Okavango, of course!
Lions that live there, in the delta, are very muscular and heavy-set. They have to be, since they're constantly wading in and out of water to get anywhere on their territory.

What is the conflict that would erupt from our prides meeting the Okavango lions?
Nomadic male lions could be the main antagonist of this event. Pride males' usual reign in their pride is two years, which is part of the reason they're so eager to kill cubs of prides they take over (they kill the cubs, then the lionesses go into heat, and then the former nomads continue their bloodline and raise their own cubs).
Well, the coalition of nomadic male lions would be trying to take over the Okavango pride, away from the pride male. The resident male knows that he can't stop the coalition by himself, so he goes to our lions for help!
All month, we can try to fight against the coalition, and help the pride keep the Okavango, OR we can side with the nomads and help them to take over the Okavango pride.

One way that this could happen is fighting lions in explore, but I know that lots of people don't like battle heavy events. So, how else could you fight on the side you chose?
Pooping and gifting!
If you choose to help the Okavango pride keep their resident male, then you could be sent on various quests to gift other users to get their help to fight off the invading males.
If you choose to help the invading males take over the Okavango pride, you could be sent on various quests to poop in others' den as a way to "claim" territory for the invading male lions.

But what about snuh? And those beautiful snuh lions?!
Well, don't fret! Night in the Okavango Delta can be very cold, and when morning rolls around, temperatures are just above freezing. The excess rain and winds could explain why there's snuh! The wet season is usually cooler in Africa, anyway, since it's their time for winter.
As for snuh lions, it would be amazing for them to stay! They could either be worked into quests, or just a fun little thing to point out to users that there's snuh.

What new NPCs would be added?
The Okavango Pride Male would likely be an older male lion who has some battle scars, and a big mane. Names that I was thinking about (and a few suggested by friends!) were Sandy Claws, St Nickoclaws, Odin (from Norse mythology, he liked to go around as an old man and that's where the story of Santa Claus comes from), or some other name from folklore.
The Okavango Pride Females would likely just be a group of lionesses that would have a high-ranking lioness speak for them. For names, I was thinking Efigenia (Saint Efigenia), or maybe Frigg?
The Coalition of Nomadic Males would be a small band of brothers who came from a pride somewhere, and they'd have a range of manes from scarce, to thick manes, or any other manes, really. They're young and ready to fight, and probably have some fresh scars from scuffs with other enemies. In terms of names, I was thinking something like Krampus, Moroz, or something else like that!

Wait, what about event shops? Would stink bugs disappear?
Nope, stink bugs would stay! As for shops, I was thinking that, in addition to the Mantis Shop, there could be another; the Anteater Shop (I'm so creative with names lol)
The tradesman in the Anteater Shop would be an anteater, and would be able to sell you things that are special to the new event. Maybe things like decors based around the Okavango lions, or based around the nomadic males?
I would love to see the Okavango backgrounds be put into the Anteater Shop, and maybe some new decors centered around the new event?
As for currency in the Anteater Shop, I have a suggestion; termites!
Termites are crucial to the land shaping of the Okavango Delta, and it would be very cool to see more insects featured in the events. Maybe explore encounters, such as digging into termite mounds to find termites, or the aftermath of a flooded mound? Since they're so plentiful in the Okavango, termites would be easy to come by, and plentiful in explore, as well as with explore encounters.

What would the storyline be like?
So, starting out, I was thinking that your male would find that his territory flooded overnight! There's lots of swampy islands now, and something else; the scent of unfamiliar lions.
You would click through to find a fight on the storyline page, between one of the invading males and the pride male of the Okavango. After the fight ends, the rest of the pride would come up, and then after introductions, they would ask for your help with defeating the invading males.
After they leave to lick their wounds, you go on to explore more in the swampy area, and find the other lion who was attacking the resident male boasting about his fight to the rest of the coalition. Then they see you, and introductions happen again. After that, the invading male lions try to persuade you to help them take over the Okavango pride.
You'd choose a side, and then the storyline would go from there. If you help the Okavango resident male, then the nomads would be chased off in the end. If you help the invading males, then the Okavango resident male would be driven out and the coalition would take over.

Will there be new markings and bases?
Probably not, seeing as there's already base, marking, and mane applicators with the original event. It would be interesting for there to be more bases, markings, and manes added in the future, though!

TL;DR: An extension to the original December event! Basically, just adding a storyline and a very lions-in-Africa themed event.

This suggestion has 29 supports and 3 NO supports.

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Posted on
2021-07-20 08:58:19
Support! I am all for ADDING to existing events. Not replacing them. Heh.

This December event doesn't really feel to...Decembery? I know it doesn't really ever snow in Africa, and not everyone celebrates Christmas (or by that extension, Hanukkah). Maybe they could incorporate Kwanza somehow, since that holiday celebrates African culture?

I love your ideas though. I'd love to see the December event expanded beyond the rather... shitty event that it's currently is. Heh heh. Pun intended.

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Posted on
2021-07-20 11:51:23

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Posted on
2021-07-21 19:58:31
yeah, that's what i was thinking! i don't celebrate christmas, and it seems like a lot of the december event revolves around christmas. i was looking for ideas that fit the african theme, but not take away from anything in the current event