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2021-07-22 03:44:00
Okay people - I really need help right now.
I took a long hiatus but before I did so I spent hours looking through every marking possible in the wardrobe to come up with my kings design. I honestly spent more time on it than I would like to admit But I kind of did it..

And now I'm stuck and feel conflicted.
I logged in today and all I could think when I looked at the design I spent so many hours on was; Its pretty, but incredibly plane.
And I hate that, so in conclusion I want to improve the design but I'm not sure how I want to do it.
So this is where I ask for the lioden communities feedback, guidance, and help.

This is my king currently - Current king design
And this is the plans I originally had for him - Possible king design

And here are the preferences;
*I would like to be able to tell he has the scoundrel base
*Keep eyes, skin, background, current markings, and mane color/shape
*Only use markings that are applicable! And preferably not random
*I would like if he's a withered pie but it's okay if not!
Have at least 14 markings since that's how many slots he currently has, I would prefer if all 20 were filled though ^^

Although I am open to pretty much any idea/design, as long as he's pretty and unique Just give it your best and have fun:)

Now here are all of my marking apps;
Brawl, Rumble, Inverted Brawl, Grace of the king Cheetah, Gregarious mark, and all hyena spots, blots, and stripes. I'm hoping to post screenshots of them once I figure out how to do so :') My apologies

Now here's what I need you to do; either create your own design by adding onto my current king or refine my original plan, OR you can add suggestions down below in the comments:)

I am considering making this a possible contest, I just don't know what the prize would be yet but I'll let you all know, for sure I will offer free lifetime breedings to the "winner" if there is one:) So maybe whoever comes up with the best design will get a prize owo

To post the wardrobe link use this to do so!
< a href="URL HERE" > TEXT HERE< /a >
Just make sure to take out the spaces first and use the right URL code <3

Now please keep in mind I will probably be refining and editing this forum a lot

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