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Atachi (#156716)

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2021-07-24 08:47:32

I'm looking for various types of art of my canine character. He's really simple (he has only 3 markings). Art has to be coloured, most likely also shaded. Looking only for halfbodies and fullbodies, some with a simple to medium complexity background.

I want it to be done quite quickly. Not looking to spend a ton of currency.

What I can offer:
- 10 000 SB
- 55 AC (quanity grows every day)
- Applicators (Hyena Blots Heavy & Scarce, Inverted Brawl, Lycaon Heavy & Heavy Inverted, Astral Blessing, Curse of Divine, Divine Blessing, Ethereal Fur, Favour of Anubis & Seth, Fossil Fur, 2x Heavenly Serenity, Sidereal Blessing, 2x Supernal Body, 2x Supernal Fur, Touch of Demiurge)
- 2x Giant Tortoise
- Hyena Meat
- 3x Lion Meat
- 2x Small Tortoises
- 1x UAV - Search and Rescue
- 56x Vulture Egg
- 94x Monkey Teeth
- 13x Broken Drones
- I might trade some of my current characters for art (DM me)

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Q -Indefinite
Hiatus- (#69866)

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Posted on
2021-07-24 11:15:54
I'd be down to draw him ^^ You can look at my examples on DA here. I'm working on AF and other things, but I could get it done in a couple days if you're interested!

💚Daisywish💙 (#231140)

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Posted on
2021-07-29 17:08:41
I could draw something of him if youd like!

Miss Wonderland (#212712)

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Posted on
2021-08-19 06:55:49
Pay what u want for a art :3

pronouns🍋 (#205544)

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Posted on
2021-08-22 09:22:58