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2021-07-25 17:58:21
Will open again later

Hello! This is my first time opening up commissions so please be patient with me, thank you!
I recently went through a huge art block that lasted for several months but I'm finally starting to get motivated again. I don't have many examples to show, which is why I opened up this shop, in order to get myself to draw more
***Please read through this all before deciding to purchase art ***

Slots available: 0/3 (kind of first come first serve)

Rules :
-I reserve the right the deny service for whatever reason
-Please provide a clear reference of your character and a description of their personality, looks, etc
-You cannot claim that my artwork was drawn by you or anyone else
-Do not remove my watermark
-Please credit me when uploading/sharing my art to any site
-You have 2 choices of payment (paid full upfront OR 50% upfront and the rest of the 50% after the sketch is shown) I will only begin your commission once I have received the trade***

I will draw:
-Lioden characters
-light gore
(Yes i can draw canines and other animals as well, not just just cats lol)

I will not draw:
-Hateful, political, or derogatory things
-heavy gore
-overly complicated designs
-humanoid/human characters

I plan to set up a Paypal soon in order to earn real money, but for now, I will take these items as a trade:
-golden beetles
-silver beetles
-lion balls, buffies, and/or lion meat
- pulsar markings, orchid markings, sunrise markings, curse of divine, touch of demiurge
(Any mix of these are fine)

Anything worth 30 gb

Anything worth 45 gb

Full body:
Anything worth 60 gb

-Backgrounds will be a solid color that you can choose, but if you would like a more detailed background, it would be additional 5-15 gb worth
-I will first show the sketch for it to be approved and you can ask me to make some minor changes
-The sketch only takes a few days or less and the completed drawing can take a couple days or a few weeks
-I prefer to talk in pms

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