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parlaymars | ruffian (#21910)

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2021-08-07 12:17:01
nitpicky suggestion, but one i feel can cut down on the confusion some newbies have between tier 2 and tier 3 marks.

move all the breed-only event marks (i.e. july marks--celestial, skyward, sidereal, leonid, stratosphere & august marks--ruffian, ukame, scoundrel, bandit) to tier 2, rather than keeping them in tier 3 with the other applicator marks.


--these marks are obtained completely differently from other tier 3 markings, which show up on NCLs or are applied with applicators
--for those used to 'tier 2 is raffle-only': these marks are used on raffle girls extremely often because they are intrinsically different from the other tier 3s
--technically the july markings are raffle-only marks since they only show up on july raffle girls
--leaving out the february & april NCL marks makes sense, as those are way easier to come by and are valued as such

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Fading Angel (G1
4.7k Pearl) (#81854)

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Posted on
2021-08-07 13:20:14
I dont even like the teirs to begin with and dont pay attention to it.

The July non app marks are from "raffle lionesses" so it should be with other raffle marks.

When teirs were added it was to sort common to rare/hard to get.
App marks being above raffle is a bit dumb. Anyone can get an app.

I saw do away with the teors completely.

Fern [main] (#158699)

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Posted on
2021-08-07 20:52:21
Big support.

Ideally I also think the year-round NCL-exclusives (Clay, Copal, Cinnabar, Marigold) should have their own tier, since they're not raffle markings but not actually event-related either, so lumping them into T3 doesn't make much sense. And unlike the Feb/April/Sept marks, they are "truly" breed-only (cannot be applied through Nov piety) so I think that warrants some sort of distinction from app marks.

But in the meantime, moving the July & August marks to T2 would definitely be helpful to avoid confusion.

Edit: @ Fading Angel (G1 4.2k Pearl) (#81854) Personally I find the tier system helpful because it helps me remember which markings come from where... in theory, at least. Like, playing around in the wardrobe, I can tell that a T1 marking comes from the oasis marking applicator, that a T2 mark comes from RLs, etc. The biggest issue imo is that T3 has a lot of unrelated marking types - event raffle marks, event NCL marks, event applicator marks, and year-round NCL-exclusive marks - so it doesn't serve the intended purpose of helping me determine at a glance how the marking is obtained. If that makes sense.

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parlaymars | ruffian (#21910)

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Posted on
2021-08-08 12:35:36
@ fern

you said everything i’ve been thinking about since the tiers came into being
i totally agree the tiers are helpful—they just need a little adjusting