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Magnituda [G2
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Posted on
2021-08-12 04:34:08

Greetings! I decided to finally sell my groupies. I'm mostly after GB and Buffalo Scrotums

🌻 10yo Achromia groupie with over 1,5k stats

🌻 10yo Melanism groupie with over 1,4k stats

My last groupies (non mutated) sold for around 80-150gb (depending on stats). So I expect something around that, especially that they are mutated. (I bought them for around 40gb as adols.)

They will be sold without decor.

Offers I'm considering

🌻 [105gb] by 🕊️Snowy [G2] (#183123)
in form of: buffy 25GB, hibi nectar 30GB, fuchsia nectar 30GB, 20 pure GB

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Magnituda [G2
clouded Cinna] (#198042)

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Posted on
2021-08-12 04:35:35
Items I accept & at what value
BuffaloScrotum.png -> 25gb
lionscrotum.png -> 30 gb
crunchyworm.png -> 40 gb

unholybody.png -> 20gb
royalappbast.png -> 15gb

Pure GB & Buffalo Scrotums are priority. Then other items mentioned here. However don't be afraid to ask about other breeding items or base applicators

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