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Sinatra (#164913)

Deathlord of the Jungle
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Posted on
2021-08-21 00:59:14
Hello everyone,
I have 64GB and some USD too to spend on art commissions.

I'm looking for a good quality arts only and I mostly have on mind requesting busts / headshots for my creation. Please hit me up here or on PM with your samples if you're interested so that I can share more info and speak with You about the details.

Character ->

🐝 Ginger_Bee 🐝 (#167127)

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Posted on
2021-08-21 04:30:41
Hi! I have these shops at the moment, headshots are open but my main commissions are full (for GB/SB slots) but should be open next week! Paypal slots are open for main commissions right now :)
Profile picture shop:
Main commission shop:

Seirykun (Mitsuki) (#198285)

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Posted on
2021-08-21 07:14:46
Hi Sinatra! Here is ♥ My Art Shop ♥ so you can take a look and see if my art style is of your interest

In-Samniac (#196838)

Bone Collector
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Posted on
2021-08-21 13:52:50
I can do some dragon art for you!

Here is my art shop

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Rox (#165866)

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Posted on
2021-08-22 20:07:15
Here is a headshot example of mine/ Feel free to dm me if interested!

𝐨 (#173457)

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Posted on
2022-01-15 21:06:31

I would love to draw her in my style here is my commission page !!

Whisper (#237207)

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Posted on
2022-01-16 15:13:40
My shop is open and I also have an instagram available with slightly altered prices (as I offer slightly different services between the sites) if you'd like to take a peek :D
((I link the instagram as it's updated much more with my current art while the one here is some older examples that I have not gotten around to revamping yet))

Unnamed_Raven (#243915)

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Posted on
2022-01-21 04:41:17
Hi I can draw stuff for free ^^ I like doing dragons but it will be traditional. U can trace if u want.

gl00mymoon (#222181)

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Posted on
2022-02-19 22:34:55
Hi! Im interested in being in service.
I have a topic open and my website (The examples are a bit outdated tho)

On Toyhouse i have a dragon drawn out on there

Iriss (#235174)

Notable Lion
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Posted on
2022-02-20 15:49:56
heres my art shop! i dont have any dragon examples posted there atm, but i can do them!

Zephyr (#243182)

Aztec Knight
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Posted on
2022-03-02 19:00:18
Here's my artshop! I absolutely adore dragons and are willing to do them for a quite low price!

☽Baby Anubis☾ (#173424)

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Posted on
2022-03-03 10:51:12
Hello there! (omg I love that character desing)

I love drawing dragons out of fun, and I'd love to do a piece with them! Here's some examples of what I can do!

✨🔥Ember🔥✨ (#260862)

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Posted on
2022-03-04 13:54:54
I draw dragons!! I’d love to draw for you!

Rose gold 14/02/2020
RLC (#255657)

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Posted on
2022-06-30 20:38:50
Are you still looking ?