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2021-08-27 15:32:38
With her mate dead & their cub just born. Sukari is a first time mum without a clue what to do. Now with no dominant male, all she knows is to follow her lioness instinct and find a safer place and fresh start for herself and her cub, leaving behind the bittersweet memories of her group. However, the past can have a habit of catching up which may hinder or help what she seeks..

This is an original story based my Lioness Sukari and her newborn cub, Anthi. If anyone fancies a good read.

Be warned, its no fairytale at times. Though It's not specificially written to be dark and gruesome, it has elements of it. Its the harsh reality of life. On the other side it has times that will (hopefully) make your heart melt. I've tried to keep it well mixed :)

Let me know what you think :)

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