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2021-09-10 07:30:26


I'm a big fan of dorsal line and other more subtle/accenting markings so I thought a ventral line would nicely complement the already existing marking. It would make a nice raffle marking, I think! I've got it demonstrated here on noctis, and then on ginger alongside noctis dorsal line.


Added a couple of demonstrations on a slate based design! One features white ventral line and the other noctis ventral line, both in the top slot of the design.


Thanks for checking out ventral line!

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T [FROZEN] (#270544)

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Posted on
2022-05-01 18:23:07
oh i LOVE this!! its so pretty

★Frosty★ G3 NRLC
Inpu Daedal (#229018)

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Posted on
2022-06-04 05:45:22
i NEED this

ShadowFluf (#310098)

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Posted on
2023-01-19 21:31:33
This looks awesome! Might be a bit graphic to imagine- but this in the bloody marking color would be so sick