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2021-10-07 15:46:48
Keeping this short and sweet

Manticora's quest to "Defeat 5 rabid animals" should accept all animals that you fight.

What I mean is when it comes to:
1. Pack of Rabid Hyenas- Fighting 3 Hyenas
2. Rabid Arabian Wolves - Fighting 2 Wolves

You only get credited 1 Defeated animal instead of the actual number of animals you fought.

Dose this make it easy, yes.

So along with this update (if added) just increase the number of rabidded animals that needs to be defeated.

Thank you for reading and please let me know what should be changed or added!

This suggestion has 53 supports and 6 NO supports.

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Posted on
2021-10-09 02:19:43
I do think this is a good suggestion!
However, I think if all of the rabid animals are being counted, the battle difficulty should increase depending on the number of animals.
Right now all of the battles are essentially the same difficulty and award 1 point per battle, so it’d be fair to make them more difficult if they award more points towards the quests. That’d make it so it wouldn’t be “easier”, just a bit different. They could also award more BB per battle if the difficulty was raised. Could be an alternative to or combined with raising the number of rabid animals defeated to complete the quest.
I do see how this could be inconvenient to lower-stat kings and people who aren’t great with battle mechanics, but figured I’d bring it up anyways since it aligned with your suggestion :)