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2021-10-14 06:10:47
Would love to get 'adopted' and have someone that can answer some questions. I've played similar games in the past, and have figured out some of the basics on here exploring and reading through the wiki.... but it'd be helpful to have a person or two to ask other questions as they arise!

Adult, female player with long history on pet sites. I enjoy battling mechanics on other sites and, in addition to general questions about markings, earning SB, etc, would love someone who could give me more info on the stat and battle system here.

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2021-10-14 08:39:54

You can always message me with any questions you have!

Regarding the two in this thread:

The battling system pretty much speaks for itself, any details you can find on this page of the wiki.
When it comes to stats, they do influence battle but not by a lot. Having a decent amount of stats will give you an edge in battle but having even more than that makes no difference in pve.
PvP fighting doesn't happen that much other than for territory but there, stats do play a role. This is also the only place where the skill stat has any role.

When it comes to breeding them, it's an option but not a requirement. There are many 'playstyles' for this game. Some focus on bases, some on markings, eyes, mutations, stats, cleanness, etc.
You can easily combine several of them. The only two that are hard to pair are stats and 'clean' breeding as most of the high stat kings are 'dirty'.

The entire clean breeding thing has multiple levels as well. There are basically 4 different types. There's the ones who look at only inbreeding VS the ones that look at both inbreeding and Big 4. And there's the ones who look at the entire heritage VS only the first page. So the four combinations those types make are the 4 types. Entire heritage and no inbreeding + no big 4 is the most common one.
The big 4 are lions that used to have the highest stats and had tons and tons of offspring, therefore, people like to avoid them in heritages. The big four are: HOT HOT TATER TOT, Keyser Soze, The Savannah Prince & Boombah. Their currently active offspring people like to avoid (because they are related to the big 4) are Indra and Moby Dick. Some other well known ones are Copernicus and Meliodas.

I hope this explains what you wanted to know and explained any questions that might have arisen within my answers :')
If not, let me know and I'll try explain the things you don't understand c: