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2021-12-23 11:27:32

ഡenye is a Heritage-less Double Rosette Prune with plenty of lovely markings.
She has Maroon eyes and a Ragdoll Incubus mane.
She has 1800+ Stats and has no mutation to get in the way of any projects.
Her Stud fee is 1200 SB or 1 GB, she only services those with 10% or higher Fertility.

*Please do not submit for a studding if you are not sure that you want to use ഡenye. I will no longer be accepting requests from individuals that remove their stud request before an hour is up.

(I understand in those cases that I'm asleep when the request comes in for lionesses that may be going out of heat on rollover. Otherwise, please refrain from clicking that button only to remove your request soonafter!)

Slot 1: Onyx Siamese (100%)
Slot 2: Frostbitten Dapple (100%)
Slot 3: Feline 3 Ebony (100%)
Slot 4: Ragdoll English Spots (100%)
Slot 5: Kimanjano Mottled Vents (100%)
Slot 6: Gregarious Reverse Vitiligo Mash (100%)
Slot 7: Onyx Soft Rosette (100%)
Slot 8: White Underfur (100%)
Slot 9: Sunrise Speckles (100%)
Slot 10: Ebony Heavy Rosette (100%)
Slot 11: Angelic Feline Unders (100%)
Slot 12: Sunset Lace (100%)
Slot 13: Under White 4 (100%)

->Please do not respond to this thread, so that I can keep it clean. If you have questions, drop me a message instead.

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