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2021-12-24 14:12:05
Hello! Since I have a kinged clone of my 12/17/2021 Raffle Lioness, I’m gonna be selling cubs with her marks. Some are near clones and some just have a few marks. I will go ahead and list some that I will be selling. This is not really an auction so I would like for you to offer because I do not know their worth. Most of these cubs aren’t weaned yet so I will reserve them for you until they are. Those that are weaned will be put up for trade.

Here are my trades if you want to take a look and buy some that are listed.

There is quite a lot and I really need them gone! They are mostly clean and pretty! All cubs/adols!

Thank you in advance if you buy some from me! <3

ad (ignore): Selling some Golden-based BO Beauties! Offer what you want! Mostly Clean!

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