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Peri [They/Them] (#247894)

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2022-01-04 17:51:13
Hi, I'm newish to the site but I'm not new to roleplaying! I'm looking for either a group or a partner to roleplay with. Here are some characters I'd like to use, or I am happy to make an entirely new character to your preference.

What type of roleplay I'm interested in:

- Romance, fluff, all the cute things
- Survival, zombie apocalypses, disasters, anything really
- Warriors, I haven't read the books in a bit but I still have a love for the fandom
- Harry Potter or any wizard/witch reality
- Dungeons and Dragons an absolute love of mine at the moment
- Any of your ideas I'm pretty easy when it comes to things

What I'm not interested in (sorry):

- MLP or most equine things, I just don't know enough about it
- Anything overly explicit it's just not for me
- Canon marvel also just not for me unfortunately, however, an alternative reality of the Marvel universe would be fun :) thinking Spiderverse vibes.

I'd also rather do things onsite here rather than discord, I'm an old person I just can't get into it sorry :(

ReidIsTired (#150040)

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Posted on
2022-01-04 18:18:07
Hey! i would love to roleplay warriors with you! i would prefer non-canon characters mixed with some canon! i can absolutely can help start a group roleplay here on LD. i have a few ideas to start out plot.
i also would be interested in harry potter or a survival rp!

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Peri [They/Them] (#247894)

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2022-01-04 18:57:33
I'm fine with either group or 1x1, do you have some ideas for a group? I'd love to hear your ideas :)

Mots - RP Loved🏒 (#5378)

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Posted on
2022-01-10 06:50:03
About the only things I see are romance and natural disasters that I'm interested in. I never got into Warrior Cats, not my favorite thing really.

I have a lot of ideas from past now long dead RPs. I may post them for people to peruse and maybe I can get the right match ^^; I haven't been this long without RP for awhile.