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Badland Strider
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2022-01-06 16:45:15
I've gotten hyperfixated on the new fnaf game, so I'm looking for some willing to make a fullbody custom for an animatronic oc!
Just message me or comment here with examples/prices :)

Inkspook! [BLM] (#106536)

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Posted on
2022-01-06 22:37:30
Here's my artshop!
You can DM me for more examples if you'd like.

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Max [ it/he ] (#217680)

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Posted on
2022-01-08 16:24:21
anywayyy ignore the fact it says its closed , pricing and examples here ! and i do have some actual fnaf fanart + an oc , dm me if you wanna see those as examples !

Mightyclaws (#184324)

Bone Collector
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Posted on
2022-02-08 11:04:59
Hi! Personally am a fnaf fan myself, I have OC's, but I am a traditional artist! I f you are interested, my deviantart is below!

Halo (#254872)

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Posted on
2022-02-11 19:22:42
I specialize in drawing robots. Aureolate & aureolated are my Instagram accounts, but I haven't added to them in a while. If you message me @aureolate#4815 on discord, I can give you my entire portfolio to thumb through.

Mars (#242292)

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Posted on
2022-02-26 23:46:20
Oh, if you’re still interested, I think I can probably draw a character for you! Here are some of my previous works!