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2022-01-13 17:51:43
- Dont ghost, lemme know if you need a break or are bored of the rp, i wont be mad or upset!
- No Script roleplaying, I want atleast 3 sentence responses, unless both our responses are short.
- No godmodding, or powerplaying. I wont control your character, so expect the same. None of my characters will ever be perfect, please dont make yours perfect either.
- I want 18+ RP partners, i do NOT want to rp with minors.
- I want more than 1 reply a day, i like rps that move at a good pace, both in responses and just flow or the in character story.

What I'm comfortable rping:
Romance(loves these)

About my Roleplaying Style:
I like writing paragraphs
Love, absolutely LOVE rping multiple characters, i cant stick to just one, lol!
I love adding plot twists(discussed OOC) into the middle of RPs.
I like rping in the grey area of good and evil characters, you won't see many characters that are all sunshine and rainbows.

I have a plot I really want to play out with someone. This plot is influenced heavily by a soulmate prompt.

Basically, the prompt is soulmates are born with dark black/gray marks on their skin where their soulmate touched them for the first time. When touched, the greyscale blooms into marks full of bright colors. A lot of people worry about the marks on their bodies, like people with those dark marks on their knuckles or palms. And even handprints on their faces that turn out to be much sweeter than what they thought was going to be a rather violent meeting.

Character A(i would like to be this character, as i already have a character fleshed out thinking and daydreaming of this plot of mine xD) and Character B have rather...intimate soulmate marks. Character A has black marks on the side of his hand from the side of their pinky down to the side of their palm and a handprint along their neck. Character B has their soulmate mark on one of their upper arms as if someone were to straddle them and old onto them and another circular and odd mark on their abdomen people assume are lips.

When Character A and B meet, their interactions were anything but romantic, with Character A trying to rob them and ending up tackling and stabbing them. Talk about a rather awkward meeting of the one destined to you.

I'm also up for other types of plots as well, but this one has been on my mind for a bit, lol!

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Posted on
2022-01-16 14:56:48
I'm down for this!