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Base: Ice
Genetics: Black Dark Countershaded Special
Mane color: Frostbitten
Mane type: Scarce
Mutation: Primal

Slot 2: Under Golden 1 (28%)
Slot 3: Spotting Light (41%)
Slot 4: White Frosting (100%)
Slot 5: Leg Banding Blue (100%)
Slot 6: Onyx Vitiligo (70%)
Slot 8: White Eyebrows (100%)
Slot 10: White Roan (100%)

Total Stats: 290

! Please don't cancel halfway through breeding attempts, I'd rather you cancel sooner or later !
! Might take a break if breeding fails enough to run low on energy !
! My timezone is GMT, might take a bit to respond due to sleeping/life !
! if you use the gb option, you get permanent refunded breedings from him for his entire lifetime !

If Breeding for Snowflake/Rime/Hoarfrost: Please only send in in wet season, and specify the time of day for him to breed. Makes things easier in general

Price: 100 ( Upfront cost is 175 but 75 will be refunded) OR 1 for permanent refunded breedings!

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