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2022-01-17 02:43:53

S K Ö P U N Semi realistic, All canine rpg| Based upon; The Sight (book) & Brother Bear (film).

The canines of Mångata have finally put The God of Darkness's reign of terror to an end. Victorious they managed to go back home to Myrkur to their Heimili. Restoring their home and settling back into a calmer pack life with no threat from Bolverk or the Vaettr. Once Bolverk was defeated the Vaettr no longer corrupted, the spirits returned in bright lights crossing the skies for many nights in thanks to the pack's efforts. Months went by and the pack was at peace, managing to live their pack life without any threats or dangers around the corner.

However what was unbeknownst to the canines of Skopun was that there was something far more dangerous lurking in their corner of the Myrkur. A pack known as Årelang have taken shelter in Myrkur, fleeing from their old home. These dangerous canines are no monsters. However something has changed their genetic formatting, allowing them to wield powers like those of the gods themselves. Gods or monsters.. Whatever the canines of Årelang might be.. They're far more dangerous than the canines of Mångata can understand…

Sköpun is an all-canine rpg, with a fantasy twist. Set in their own world there are many mythical tales and creatures. Our plot is lightly based upon; Brother bear and The Sight. The canines live within their own world, trying to fit in with all the other species. Whilst the Gods and Spirits guide them, they never give answers. The world of Sköpun and everything within it, the canines will have to overcome by themselves.

Our plot is detailed, with many member driven subplots along the way. Members are included every step. Sköpun also offers:
• Competitions.
• Quests/Events/Missions.
• Various Seasonal Events.
• Unique diverse character creation with mutations and magic!
• Multiple characters.
• Fun & loving community.
• Dedicated staff team.
• Open to server suggestions & improvements.
TWO available packs to join! Choose your alliance!
SIX magical abilities to choose from if you join Årelang's forces!
• Much more!
• We DO NOT do partnerships or advertisements.
• You MUST be 15+ in order to join the server.


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🦇Zephyr [SIDE] (#242971)

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Posted on
2022-01-31 05:36:56
I'm interested!

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nogitsune (#141073)

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Posted on
2022-01-31 07:01:46
@𝘡єקђץг (#242971) feel free to click on the link that will take you to the server!

CLICK HERE TO JOIN US TODAY - that will take you straight to the discord!

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