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2022-05-04 17:43:05
Howdy, hihi, aloha!
I come to you presenting some comms!

All comms and convos will be held VIA discord as its much easier for me to communicate and send wips!

SB payments can be condensed into GB, which is the preferred way of payment, however if you have no GB and only SB i will gladly take that aswell!

breeding item/ deco/ GB/SB tips are appreciated but not required!

Please DM me in discord if you are interested in commissioning me
my user; ~Soyscowskie~#1309

Before commissioning me please read my TOS to make sure you are comfy with my terms! i am not responsible for you not reading them and not agreeing with them and getting upset as i cannot force you to read them!

•Bust- 800SB
••Half’s- 2000SB
•Fulls- 5000SB


•Complexity charge- +300SB-1000SB (will be discussed)
••Shading- +500SB
•Simple pixel animation GIF- +5000SB (will make your head/half/full into a pixel gif! not available in chibi)
••Chibi- half off entire purchase (i.e; chibi bust- 400)

My examples can be found Here!
(also as a sticker in my den and as my pfp!)

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