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The June event launches on June 1st at 00:00am LDT, and will end on June 30th at 11:59pm LDT. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until next year.


So, you've probably noticed earthquakes shaking the ground in Explore during the entire May event. An ancient Egyptian rebellious deity, the Serpent of Chaos, has been waking up and is now ready to emerge! Start your storyline, which is located on the EVENT page, and the earthquakes will stop. If you do not wish to start the storyline, the earthquakes will remain for you, as the Serpent will not rise.

Please keep in mind that the whole event is inspired by Egypt's ancient culture, and it's Lioden's take on the theme. We will not be diving into historical accuracy, and we will not be explaining the mythology. We'll just use it as inspiration and celebration.

There is no event bar this month. We're taking a new twist here, and we're focusing fully on the story itself, with you unlocking the progress based on specific dates and options. On the 1st, Chapter 1 is available to you. A few days later, Chapter 2 will let you progress further and enjoy daily quests. On the 20th, Chapter 3 and the story's finale will become available. It will not shut off daily quests.

You will be given the option to choose an ancient Egyptian God to align with - but don't worry, it's quite flexible! You will be able to change your alignment dozens of times as you please when Chapter 2 opens up, until Chapter 3, where your final choice will bind you to the story's reward and close the option to change your alignment.


Each Egyptian deity has their own shop in their temples, which will open to you with Chapter 2.
The shops share some of the same decors among them, but some have unique goodies tied to the temple you're located in. We're happy to give you so many options to change your alignment, so that you can switch the shop anytime as the shops are unlocked, just in case you end up liking another deity's decors much more. If you can't be bothered, trading with other players is a great solution!


At first, the new explore encounters may be difficult, as you're a lion battling against ancient demons. That's okay though - try using the good ol' Pound move to stun them! As you progress in Chapter 2, you will receive a BATTLE BUDDY! Just like in January when Laharu joined your side, your chosen god's animal form will join you in explore battles - but it will only join when the demons appear. They won't interfere with your normal, natural enemies. All deities will boost your fights with their unique skills and let you reap the rewards from defeating the Chthonic Snakes.


In this example, Seth adds 3 DMG to your 15 DMG, meaning you hit for 18 DMG total.

The Snakes will drop Khepri Beetles if your battle buddy is present. This new currency will allow you to buy things in the temple shops.
The Snakes also drop Chaos Scales, which can appear no matter if your battle buddy is present. You can craft them into Slithering Snake decors, and even the Apophis decor!


Be sure to utilise the official Lioden Wiki to the fullest! Here is a link to the June event page: https://www.lioden.wiki/june

The storyline is linear. This means there are no multiple endings; HOWEVER, there is a CHOICE. You can pick the god you align with. The benefits are as follows:
- Different Battle Buddy skills
- Access to unique shop decors
- Different lore and art experiences during the story
- The final storyline reward is an applicator aligned to the god you have chosen

Remember that the entire storyline can be found on our official Wiki, linked at the top of each page. You are free to use our Wiki to help with your decisions in this event! You can find the storyline page here: https://www.lioden.wiki/rise-of-the-serpent

The storyline also features a few animated scenes during "visions". If you're struggling with epilepsy or slow internet, you can turn off animated parts in the storyline's settings.

The storyline's rewards are base applicators. They may not be obviously related in art to the proper god, but they have their reasons, along with their genetics.

The 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 reward base applicators will be available to purchase in their respective god's shop.


Seth will reward you with Mummy, a Cream Dark Countershaded base, tied to Black skin.
* The mummies dried by the arid desert air will forever remain in their tombs.

Bast will reward you with Ankh, a Red Medium Countershaded base, tied to Clouded skin.
* The eternal life granted if you followed the order of Ma'at.

Anubis will reward you with Incense, a Black Dark Solid base, tied to Black skin.
* The base reflects the glow of the incense in the darkness.

These applicators are called Token of _____.
But, that's not all! They're also components of a special combo base. If you breed any of these bases together, you may get an Ennead base! Just like years prior, the component bases are the current storyline reward applicators.
This is the second in the set of divine combo bases - a planned total set of three, again. Just like the previous Gilded, Rose Gold, and Sphinx set, the new Ennead combo base is a subtle recolour of Ogdoad, last year's combo base.

Ennead Factors: Incense x Ankh, Incense x Mummy, and Mummy x Ankh all have the chance to produce the Ennead combo base. These three bases can also produce the Ennead combo base if they are bred to Ennead. Ennead bred to itself can also produce Ennead.

This new combo base will not work with the old combo bases (Gilded, Rose Gold, and Sphinx) as it is not part of their set. It will, however, work with the Ogdoad base.

Ennead is a Black Medium Countershaded Special combo base, tied to Blue skin.


2022 Updates and Information
Aside from the storyline rewards, you will find many new decor and background rewards in the shops!

On June 10th, the Development Update will include some new things for the temples.

Remember, there's a special Forbidden Temple for you to visit, as well!

Pyramid of Djoser
All temples
Land of Manu
All temples
Egyptian Golden Crown
All temples
Apis Bull Statue
All temples
Imiut Fetish
All temples
Crook and Flail
All temples
Tyet, Knot of Isis
All temples
Void Tail of Anubis
Temple of Anubis
Royal Bracelets [Black]
Temple of Anubis
Nemes Headcloth [Black]
Temple of Anubis
Gate Aat-Shefsheft
Temple of Anubis
Forked Tail of Seth
Temple of Seth
Royal Bracelets [Red]
Temple of Seth
Nemes Headcloth [Red]
Temple of Seth
Turquoise Sycamore Trees
Temple of Seth
Fluffy Tail of Bast
Temple of Bast
Royal Bracelets [Blue]
Temple of Bast
Nemes Headcloth [Gold]
Temple of Bast
Waters of Nun
Temple of Bast

Slithering Mors
Forbidden Temple
Slithering Massacre
Forbidden Temple
Slithering Disintegration
Forbidden Temple
Slithering Devastation
Forbidden Temple
Slithering Corruption
Forbidden Temple
Slithering Caedes
Forbidden Temple

In Future Years
We will be interested in doing "side quests" for each temple with other gods that are allied with the "trio". These shops would feature decors dedicated to them as well; for example, Hathor would be allied with Bast, Nekhbet with Seth, Thoth with Anubis, and so on. The main storyline won't change, but you would be able to expand the experience beyond that. We're excited about this idea - and we hope to tackle this after the recode.

Technical Note: The bases will be updated for the Lion Wardrobe around the 5th.

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