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2022-06-09 11:32:30

Warrior cats: A New Path


The Tribe, who has seemingly forever held the desert lands under their mighty paws.. The Haven, made up of former wanderers who seek to aid others in survival.. The Collective, a band of rogues and strong-willed cats that defy anyone who harms the innocent.. Will they learn to live together, or be crushed under each other's paws?

WCANP is a 15+ semi-realistic RP server with a strong focus on community led story, inspired by the Warriors books by Erin Hunter. The territories are set in a rainshadow environment, with the ancient Tribe of Rainless Shadows reigning over the desert. Two new groups have since grown - the Skyward Haven in the mountain ranges, and The Collective in the wetland coast.

We offer a welcoming, creativity-supporting RP environment that focuses on character growth and development! Come join the Tribe, Haven, Collective, or simply start life as a wandering cat! Many plotlines have risen since our creation, and more are yet to come.. Still not convinced? We also offer several features to add to the fun, including:

🌵Semi-literate RP - 5 sentence minimum per RP post!
🌵Three character slots from the start!
🌵Retirement slots so you can RP your cats into their golden years!
🌵Medium pace time conversion: 2 weeks IRL is 3 moons IC!
🌵Seasonally updated weather!
🌵Skill points for all systems - fighting, healing, consequences, and hunting!
🌵Kitten system with staff-rolled litters, with a LGBTQ-friendly option!
🌵Server event requests for those who'd like to spice up their rps or even suggest site-wide plots!
🌵Organic group creation - create your OWN group, gang, clan, or tribe!
🌵Afterlife within the Stars or Darkness, so you can keep RPing your characters after death!
🌵30+ RP channels with descriptions and image refs!
🌵Mysterious prizes from the stars!
🌵And more!

Come visit us today! We look forward to having you!

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