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2022-06-09 13:14:50
(I dont know if this is the right place to post this but screw it.)

Morning, punks. My name is Ramiell/Ram (He/Him/His/Himself) and I'm looking for roleplay partners!
So... What u need to know before roleplaying with me!

~Most comfortable with MxM, or RARELY MxNB (i play males.) but I will NOT do MxF/FxF/NBxNB.
~Semi-lit. (no basic replies.)
~Can easily do mature roleplays.
~Romance is a must.
~You must be 16 or over (obviously.)
~I reply at MINIMUM multiple times per day, and prefer if you could do at LEAST 2-3 responses daily.
~I have discord, but if u want i can do lioden pms.
~Feel free to suggest any of your own plot ideas!
~I like loose plot ideas, not a whole story, i want the rp to build itself as it goes on!


Insane patient x Caretaker/Doctor (Insane asylum)

Human Experiment x Scientist

Demon x Angel

Mafia boss x Angel

Criminal x Police officer (crimes r bad!)

any of YOUR suggestions?

Welp, there ya go, i hope someone finds this interesting!


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Posted on
2022-06-11 21:41:27
Hello, my discord is ( ( ͡❛ㅅ ͡❛)#6458 ). Hit me up for a RP.