-LOCKED - June Development Update #45!
Posted on 2022-06-10 23:31:19

Base Pass Rates

Over the years, Lioden has grown by a significant rate. We now have nearly 300 bases in the game. From a small game that started out with just a handful of them, and a very basic genetics system, we have grown to have a lot of different complexities and intricacies when it comes to breeding.

We recently had a couple of questions come in to the Modbox relating to base breeding, and in particular Special rates. These included questions pertaining to whether the genetics of a Special base will have any impact on the rate of Specials when bred to another Special. Of course, no, this isn't our intention - the genetics are essentially there to narrow down what pool of bases are available in the breeding, and the Special rate shouldn't be affected by that. However, over time, as more and more bases have been added to the game, it seems that rates for certain crosses (that will produce a significantly higher amount of bases in the pool) have slipped from where we want them to be.

Thankfully, there was an easy solution for this, and we have refactored a part of the coding to make sure that Specials now get a separate roll on top of the normal base rolls to ensure their rates are fixed, regardless of genetics. In addition, we have slightly boosted the rates at which Specials are passed.

For full transparency, we have decided to share the Special rates.

Special x Special = 4%
Special x Rare/Uncommon = 2%
Special x Common = 1%

Please also bear in mind that combo bases (that also happen to be Special) which cannot pass their base will still pass their chance. If two combo Special bases are bred together, no Specials would pass, as there would be no Specials in a pool to pass down. This, of course, is under the assumption that the Special combos in question don't have themselves and the other base as factors in their breeding.

For example:
* Cairngorm x Celsian, two Special combo bases, will not produce any Specials when bred to each other as Cairngorm is not a factor for Celsian and vice versa. This pairing can only produce Commons, Uncommons, and Rares.
* Elysian x Interstellar, a Special combo base and a Special base, will produce one Special, Interstellar, when bred to each other, at the same rate as Special x Special (4% pass rate for Interstellar) due to Elysian's Special rarity.

Combo Base Rarity Updates

In line with today's news, the combo bases Cloudburst, Nadir, and Smog have had their rarities adjusted from Common to Special.

Kimanjano and Mandarin Base Passing

Kimanjano and Mandarin bases have each gotten a boost too. When bred to a parent with the appropriate mutation (Leopon and Tigon respectively), they will pass at the same rate as a normal Special. If bred by parents without the appropriate mutation, then the base can still pass, but at half the rate of normal Special passing.

Green Base Passing

Years ago, we implemented the Green base on Lioden with the caveat that Green could never pass itself. With today's update, Green now operates the same as any other applicable Special base and can pass itself down in breedings.

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Event Shop Content

A few new items have been added in for June's event shops!

Eye Applicator: Reptile
Forbidden Temple
Presence of Kek
Any Deity Temple
Souls of Duat - Bâ of Man
Any Deity Temple
Abu Simbel
Any Deity Temple

What's that? Reptile eyes!
Genetics: 40% Reptile, 20% Green, 20% Jade, 10% Emerald, 5% Malachite, 5% Sage

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New Pride Month Decors!

More pride-related decors have been added to Monkey Business and are available to purchase right away! As a reminder, these decors are available annually from June 1st 12am Lioden time to June 30th 11:59pm Lioden time.

Lion Pride Horns [Gray and Green]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Horns [Light Blue and Pink]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Horns [Pink and Orange]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Horns [Pink and Purple]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Horns [Gray and Purple]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Horns [Rainbow]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Horns [Tricolour]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Horns [Yellow and Purple]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Fishbone Earring [Gray and Green]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Fishbone Earring [Light Blue and Pink]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Fishbone Earring [Pink and Orange]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Fishbone Earring [Pink and Purple]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Fishbone Earring [Gray and Purple]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Fishbone Earring [Rainbow]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Fishbone Earring [Tricolour]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Fishbone Earring [Yellow and Purple]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Braided Bracelets [Gray and Green]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Braided Bracelets [Light Blue and Pink]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Braided Bracelets [Pink and Orange]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Braided Bracelets [Pink and Purple]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Braided Bracelets [Gray and Purple]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Braided Bracelets [Rainbow]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Braided Bracelets [Tricolour]
Monkey Business (June)
Lion Pride Braided Bracelets [Yellow and Purple]
Monkey Business (June)


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Pride Month Encounters!

We've added something new this year: pride month encounters. Starting today, you have the chance to come across four unique encounters in all explore biomes. These encounters are available annually as well, from June 1st 12am Lioden time to June 30th 11:59pm Lioden time.

We plan on expanding upon these encounters every year, with writing ideas from the community and our staff team. We highly encourage you to submit your ideas and suggestions on new pride month encounters within the Game Art: Ingame Art General Ideas subforum! We will deeply appreciate all LGBTQIA+ members' input on future concepts in order to show everyones' pride in the most comfortable and inclusive way.


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Hexaplex Base!

This base was actually prepared a few years ago. It was a colourful mix based on the Festive base. We had abandoned the idea, until it was recently brought up in Main Chat, and many players asked for the base to be implemented after all!

We had debated on the source of the base, and ultimately decided that having it be an applicator base would make it too similar to Festive—so, instead, we've released it as a combo base! You'll need to specifically breed for it, like all other combos, so you shouldn't breed it accidentally if you're not that into recolours!


To obtain this combo base, you need to breed Factor 1 bases with Factor 2 bases (or breed bases from either Factor side to Hexaplex, or Hexaplex to itself).

Factor 1: Citrine, Festive, Hexaplex, Teardrop
Factor 2: Glass, Haliotis, Hexaplex, Labradorite

Genetics: Golden Light Solid Special, tied to Pink skin.

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Algae and Pistachio Marking Expansion!

As a minor follow up to the April Development Update #43, we've got a few more Custom (Tier 1) markings in both Algae and Pistachio recolours to fully complete their sets.

Algae Markings

* Algae Carving
* Algae Cover
* Algae Crust
* Algae Dorsum
* Algae Face
* Algae Face Carving
* Algae Marozi
* Algae Mask
* Algae Paw Carving
* Algae Ripple
* Algae Saddle
* Algae Shell
* Algae Shepherd
* Algae Skull
* Algae Smudge
* Algae Snout
* Algae Tail
* Algae Tail Carving
* Algae Tail Half
* Leg Banding Algae
* Tail Banding Algae

Pistachio Markings

* Pistachio Blaze
* Pistachio Coat
* Pistachio Cover
* Pistachio Dapple
* Pistachio Dilution
* Pistachio Luster
* Pistachio Marbled Undercoat
* Pistachio Marbled Underglaze
* Pistachio Points
* Pistachio Ripple
* Pistachio Sable
* Pistachio Shell
* Pistachio Socks
* Pistachio Trotters
* Pistachio Vesture

All of these markings can be applied using Marking Applicators in the Oasis straight away, as again, these are Custom (Tier 1)!

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Looking For Artists!

We're looking to expand our team of artists to work on Lioden and Wolvden's complex and dynamic decors! We are not looking for amateur artists, but we do not require a CV.


This position is paid and requires you to sign a contract, so we are only looking for people who meet the legal working age criteria within their country.

What We're Looking For
* The ability to match Lioden Ltd's official art style and anatomy requirements enough so that your artwork does not stand out from Lioden/Wolvden's typical artwork.
* The ability to consistently draw the same item for every age, gender, and stage of our lions/wolves.
* The ability to meet deadlines if given them (e.g. event items).
* The ability to stay in touch and communicate well. If you have the tendency to disappear for days without giving a heads up in advance, this may not be the right position for you.

What This Position Brings
* Freelance position, paying monthly for artwork pieces listed in an invoice with a maximum quota which can grow as you stick around with the team.
* For event decors, you will be provided a list of ideas, be able to add your own ideas, and vote out ideas you would rather not do. Event decors have deadlines.
* For non-event decor, you will be provided a list of decors that need to be done, but you will also have the full freedom of proposing your own ideas year-round, as well as the ability to do them at your own pace without deadlines.
* 99% freedom when it comes to concepts, posing, staging, colours, etc., unless something must be very specific—this will be stated.
* The ability to bring player suggestions for decors to life.
* The ability to talk with Xylax about any art ideas and improvements, except for the main lion/wolf artwork—this is handled fully by Xylax.
* After the training period, we do not require progress sketches for everything, unless you wish to to share. We would like to see concept sketches to make sure ideas do not overlap, or that your concept fits in with the theme. We also do not require your .PSD files.
* You will be required to keep in touch a lot. If, for any reason, you will have any delays or go a long while without being online, you must let Xylax know in advance so that the team can organise planned content in time!
* If, for any reason, you must resign after taking on the position, we will give you our recommendation for future work.

Artist Tips
* Lioden does not use a solid black colour in any form. Lineart, shading, etc. are expressed by colours such as #161313, #20160D, etc. to match the hot and dusty feeling of Africa.
* Wolvden, however, does use black for linearts and deep shadows.
* Lioden's linearts are not refined and thick. They are more biological than stylised art - a bit like a pencil stroke. Soft, happy little lines.
* We usually don't require decors to have separate linearts. The main lion/wolf artwork has to have that for marking purposes. Decors that require recolours, however, do require a separate lineart layer—for example, Lion Pride Accents, Snake Skin Bodywear, etc. Other than that, you can treat decors as tiny paintings, as long as the art style matches Lioden/Wolvden's. [LINK for Art Style Tips]
* Dynamic decors often need cutouts for lions/wolves to give depth. Remember that male lion decors often need 22+ adapted mane shape cutouts.
* Reference, but do not copy, do not eyeball, do not trace. You can open 60 lion photos and use them as angle/proportion/anatomy assistance, but do not make your artwork look exactly like the photo you used. Frankensteining photos is also a no-go. See the What is Tracing, Eyeballing, Referencing topic for more information.
* We like when decors compliment the lions/wolves, not obstruct them!

If you are confident in your ability to meet our expectations, communicate with us and the rest of the artists, etc., please email your artwork portfolio to xylax@lioden.com. Your portfolio must contain the following:
* Lioden/Wolvden ID(s)
* Current city/country
* Current age
* Discord ID
* Name of art programs that you use
* (Optional) If you have ever created custom decors for Lioden/Wolvden, please include your ID and the name of the custom decors, even if you're just the artist and not the player that submitted the custom decor.
* (Optional) If you have ever sold artwork on Lioden/Wolvden, please include links to your art sale topics.
* (Optional) If you have an art gallery or online portfolio, please include a link.

If you are hired, any artwork that you create for us while working for Lioden/Wolvden becomes the intellectual property of Lioden Ltd. Artwork that you create cannot be displayed within your personal galleries/work portfolios until the art is officially released on Lioden/Wolvden itself.

Black line separator.

Bug Fix

* Cubs won in raffles will now be protected if the winner cannot access their account until the following rollover and would otherwise die from lack of protection.

Artwork Information

Mutation files are still being uploaded for event bases, etc.!

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Raffle Lioness

Congrats to the winner of last week's raffle lioness!
A new Chartreux lady with Algae Margay (NEW!), Algae Panther (NEW!), Algae Pelage (NEW!), Pistachio Inverted Zebra (NEW!), and the tenth Lake Victoria background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here!

Marking Note: Fiery Crackle and Fiery Margay are now possible to apply via RMAs/Total Shuffle!

3332.png 3338.png 3330.png

Shad has added 18 new tags this month in the Breeding, Event ➜ June, Miscellaneous ➜ Landscapes, Miscellaneous ➜ Lions, and Miscellaneous ➜ NPCs categories!

Poll Results - Thank you all for voting on last week's poll! All base applicator items have had their descriptions updated to include the base's genetics, e.g. "A base changer that will turn your chosen lion's base to Ammonite. Genetics: Cream Medium Countershaded Special." for Ammonite Body.

NEW POLL - We've discovered some older mane base colours that were never officially released! How would you like them to be implemented? Let us know in this week's poll!

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Next Update: Community Update - June 17th!
Next Development Update: July 8th!!

Where's the official raffle and Friday comic?
Community raffles and Friday doodles are only released on community updates. This is a development update, so no raffle or doodle will be released this week, sorry!

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